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3D Printing Helps Rebuild Motorcyclist's Crushed Face

Despite wearing a helmet, Cardiff biker Stephen Power managed to break his cheek bones, upper jaw, nose and fracture his skull in an accident in 2012, one that required a four-month hospital stay as part of his recovery. Now, to patch his face up, doctors are inserting 3D printed parts. Read More >>

Did Private NHS Records Appear Online?

A company selling its search products caused some internet privacy ripples yesterday, after what appeared to be data about the treatment of some NHS patients was discovered as part of a map generated through search terms. Read More >>

The NHS is Flogging Patient Health Records to Insurers

For those of you not content with just the NSA stealing your personal information, good news: the NHS has been selling patient data to private insurers, which, combined with info from your credit report, can give a fairly detailed impression of who you are, when you last had a cold, and what you had for breakfast last Thursday. Read More >>

Coding Typo "Hacked" the NHS and Redirected Visitors to Malware Sites

The online advice services offered by the NHS are currently under siege, after a reader discovered that pages on the NHS Choices web portal were redirecting users to ad-serving and malware sites. But this was no hack, it was the discovery of a teeny tiny typo that allowed shady coders to hijack innocent hypochondriacs. Read More >>

Migraine-Beating Brain EMP Approved for NHS Headache Sufferers

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence, a group that determines what treatments are made available to us on the NHS, has approved a magnetic brain massage system known as transcranial magnetic stimulation, or TMS. To treat migraines. Read More >>

Two Million UK Porkers May Qualify for Weight Loss Surgery

We're such a nation of fatties that researchers believe around two million UK citizens are obese enough to qualify for some sort of weight loss surgery, with staff at Imperial College London claiming 5 per cent of adults are flabby enough to get it on the NHS. Read More >>

Your Kid's So Fat He's Going to Need Drastic Obesity Intervention by 2050

There's a grim new worst-case future scenario in town, delivered by the National Obesity Forum. It claims predictions that 50 per cent of the UK population will be obese by the year 2050 may be optimistic, and that a much higher percentage of the population might be whale-sized a few decades from now. Read More >>

The NHS Lost 1.8m Medical Records Last Year -- and Some Ended Up Online

NHS admins and staff are somehow managing to lose around 5,000 copies of confidential patient records every day, meaning some 1.8m supposedly secret health files about our aches, pains and embarrassing personal leakages are going missing every year. Read More >>

Man Fitted With Bionic Hand in Pioneering NHS Treatment

Mike Swainger lost his right arm and leg some 20 years ago, after being hit by a train while messing about on a railway line as a kids. He's now been bodged back together by the NHS, which has given him a new robotic limb. Read More >>

Metal Paper Clips Banned By NHS Health and Safety Police Because They're Just Too Dangerous

If anyone has ever said that health and safety isn't just a little overreaching in the UK, this should put that to bed. NHS Manchester has "prohibited" the use of metal paperclips "due to recent incidents", issuing a demand that they must be "disposed of immediately" -- Clippy must be turning in his grave. Read More >>

"Look at This Smartphone App Twice Daily, Mrs Wilkinson"

Brace yourselves. Something involving the NHS sounds like a good idea. Doctors are now being advised to "prescribe" their patients smartphone apps, encouraging use of free and cheap little phone tools to manage their conditions. Read More >>

NHS Facing Record £375,000 Fine Over Medical Data Breach Drives Flogged Online

After hard drives containing sensitive patient data were sold-off on eBay, the NHS has a rather massive fine coming its way from the Information Commissioner's Office. Thing is, it wasn’t exactly the NHS’s fault. Read More >>

Nurse Fired For Uploading Photos of Patients to Facebook

It might be appropriate for mates post photos of you flat-out drunk and having your stomach pumped in hospital, but it's simply not when it comes to nurses snapping pics of your naked arse and uploading them to Facebook. Read More >>

NHS Is Poorly Equipped For Incoming 'Genetic Revolution'

The 'genetic revolution' is almost here and the NHS isn't ready. The cost of sequencing your DNA has dropped dramatically. Now with bespoke genetic screening, we have the ability to tailor treatments to the patient, battle cancer and rare disease. Read More >>

UK Hospital Computer System Prevents 17 Per Cent of Deaths By Reminding Staff to Give Patients Drugs

The NHS has had a torrid history of blundered computer system upgrades and IT roll-outs. But according to University Hospitals Birmingham, a decent IT system can prevent 17 per cent of deaths in hospital. Read More >>


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