Nike+ Fuelband SE: More Colours, More Power

Nike just showed off the second-gen version of its Fuelband, and for the first time, the fitness tracker is coming in a whole slew of colours. Here's everything you need to know about the improvements. Read More >>

Your Fuelband Knows When You're Having Sex

Everybody loves these Fuelbands and other activity trackers, because they supply you with troves of data about your everyday life. Sometimes, however, it's a little bit too much information. Read More >>

These Are the 10 Startups That Nike Is Paying To Make Its Apps Better

Late last year Nike announced that it was partnering with TechStars for its first ever Nike+ Accelerator program. In theory, the 10 startups chosen for this inaugural class would help strengthen and fix any glaring holes in Nike's existing FuelBand and Nike+ apps. Read More >>

This Is Why It Sucks to Use Android (and Totally Shouldn't)

Android is a mature, stable, and slick operating system. Jelly Bean truly made it a mobile OS to rival all others, banishing lag and unifying the system into something gorgeously usable. But it still sucks to be an Android user, and it truly shouldn't. Here's why. Read More >>

Go On a "Mission" With Your Nike FuelBand. Wait, What?

If you or your friends are sporting Nike FuelBands, you might be interested in this weird animated game that taps into your Fuel scores. Called NikeFuel Missions, the "game" essentially riffs off the existing challenges that are presented to Nike+ users on the desktop website. Read More >>

Battlemodo: Fitbit Ultra Vs. Nike FuelBand

With summer just 'round the corner, many minds are salivating for a beach break; fun and games, and of course, a Flake ’99, but many others are looking to impress and show off their beach bod. Taking one for the team, we jumped off the sofa and hit the sunny South to test out the latest offerings from Nike and Fitbit, on some open-air basketball courts and sandy beaches. Read More >>

Fitness Trackers Use Psychology to Motivate Couch Potatoes

When it comes to fitness trackers, the psychology behind them is just as important as the technology inside them. Read More >>

Nike Fuelband Review: A Friendly Reminder to Stop Being Lazy

A girl at a bar sees the futuristic and slim black cuff cradling my wrist, points at it and asks—well, more like demands to know—what is that? I look down, thinking I might've spilled beer on my sleeve, and see the Nike Fuelband. Oh. That thing. Read More >>

How Many Calories You Burn Having Sex, Eating Pizza and Smoking a Cigarette

The best thing about the Nike Fuelband is that it can keep track of any activity you do. Yes, any. You know what that means, right? Let's find out how many calories we burn and how much Nikefuel we earn doing totally normal everyday things. Read More >>


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