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Do Not Let Super Mario Out of Your Sight, He'll Destroy Your House

Anyone who ever picked up a controller knows that Mario's adventures can leave a pretty wide path of destruction in his wake. But did you ever really consider the utter devastation Big Bullet Bill would do to your living room? I'll never again complain about Super Mario games being unrealistic—in real life, Mario would level my town by sundown. [Laughing Squid via NerdApproved] Read More >>

This is the Power Glove Oven Mitt You Want to Buy

About a year ago we brought news of a Power Glove themed oven mitt that made anyone who grew up playing the NES excited to do some baking. But that version was made of heatproof fabric and while it looked convincing enough, it can't hold a candle—or a hot tray of cookies—to this amazingly detailed silicone Power Glove oven mitt. Read More >>

A 3DS App That Adds Realtime Sci-Fi Movie Effects to Your Videos

If the games haven't convinced you to buy a Nintendo 3DS yet, maybe this will sway you. Available March 27 in the 3Ds and DSi online shops, I am in the Movie lets you apply real-time filters to the handheld console's cameras recreating famous effects like Robocop's targeting system, or invisibility like in Predator. Read More >>

These GIFs Will Make You Nostalgic for Your Favourite NES Games

Before the hi-def graphics of modern consoles, there was the Nintendo Entertainment System—a world steeped in glorious 8-bit imagery. These GIFs by New York-based Brother Brain (aka John McGregor) show how the in-game art compared with real world photos. And somehow, the 8-bit versions are still way more fun. Read More >>

A NES Clone Made From a Solid Block of Aluminium

Running an emulator with a few ROMs on your laptop or smartphone is a great way to scratch a nostalgic itch for a long lost console. But for the full experience, you need a TV to crowd around with friends, real controllers, and of course the hardware. Which is where the Analogue Nt—a gorgeous aluminium NES clone—enters the picture. Read More >>

Can a Nintendo Health Division Cure the Sickly Wii U?

Nintendo's got a new ten year plan, and while the company's struggling Wii U console business is still the priority, it has announced that health and fitness tech is increasingly going to be a focus point. Mario's going on a diet. Read More >>

This Zombi U Wii U Console Bundle is Your "BRAAAINS" Deal of the Day

We're not allowed to kill humans without fear of imprisonment or feeling really guilty about it. We can't kill monkeys that look like humans because we'd be labelled as monsters by animal rights activists. So, we have to make do with zombies because they don't have feelings. Read More >>

Only Four Per Cent of Devs Give a Crap About the Wii U According to GDC Poll

The Wii U just can't get a break at the moment. Not only is it struggling to keep the pace with sales of Sony's PlayStation 4 and Microsoft's Xbox One, but now it can't even gain the attention of the very people who should be making games for it. Read More >>

A Super Mario Coin Doorbell Grants Infinite Annoyance

How do you spice up your home's doorbell without resorting to some over-obnoxious chime? If you happen to be programmer and Super Mario Bros. fan Joseph Thai, you hack the button outside your door to let visitors collect coins every time they push the button. Read More >>

From Super Mario Bros. to Uwe Boll: The Ugly Behind-the-Scenes History of Video Game Movies

Few Hollywood announcements are treated with such fierce-yet-wounded anticipation as video game adaptations. Full of incredible artistry, instantly-recognisable characters and an increasingly-mature approach to storytelling, you’d be forgiven for thinking gaming is a medium particularly well suited for making the jump to the silver screen. But history tells another story. Read More >>

Wii U Fast Boot, Smartphone Services and Character Licensing Coming to Salvage Nintendo's Future

Besieged Nintendo boss Satoru Iwata, who is currently being told how to run his business by millions of man-children on the internet, has come out with a plan of his own about how to save Wii U and Nintendo's future dreams. It includes a quicker boot option for Wii U, licensing out Nintendo characters and the fabled creation of content for other devices. Read More >>

This Special Luigi Edition 3DS XL is Your "Mamma Mia!" Deal of the Day

While the Wii U grafts away at becoming the most unpopular console in the history of videogaming, Nintendo must wonder what they've done to deserve it. Maybe hoarding Mario and Zelda all to themselves while everyone else shares and plays nicely? Either way, Nintendo still make the super fun 3DS! Read More >>

Struggling Nintendo Shifts Fewer Wii Us in a Year Than PS4 or Xbox One Managed in Two Months

3 million Xbox Ones and 4.2 million PS4s have been sold since launch roughly two months ago. But across the whole of 2013, just 2.8 million Nintendo Wii U consoles were sold. Yikes. Read More >>

Rumour: Nintendo Plans Smartphone Mini-Games Instead of Mario on iPhone

While we're torn over whether or not we favour the prospect of playing a Mario game on a smartphone, it's a quandary we may never have to face. While Nintendo accepts a move onto mobiles is now a necessity, it's now likely that the company will only offer mini game teasers on smartphones and tablets to promote its console titles. Read More >>

We Can't Decide if Nintendo Should Port its Classics to Mobile or Not. Can You?

Nintendo isn't doing too great recently. With the release of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, its already-struggling Wii U console has failed to lure in enough next-gen gamers, and the company has been forced to slash its sales forecasts as a result. Read More >>

Mamma Mia! New Mario Game Can't Prevent Nintendo From Slashing Wii U Sales Expectations

Not even a highly-rated new Mario game and the fevered Christmas rush could help Nintendo's Wii U console sales from sliding further. Revealing its financial expectations for the year, Nintendo has now slashed its predicted Wii U sales from 9 million by the end of March to just 2.8 million. Read More >>


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