Fukushima Debris to Keep Hitting the Pacific Coast This Winter

Authorities expect more debris from the March 2011 Japanese Tsunami to wash up on the Pacific Coast this winter. Seasonal changes in ocean currents and North Pacific winds will push the 1.5 million tons of debris still out there towards our shores. Read More >>

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This School-Bus-Sized Satellite Will Deliver Insanely Accurate Weather Reports

Europe will receive nearly infallible weather data thanks to this trio of school bus-sized spacecraft, and the EU saves £4.5 billion in weather-related damage annually. This is what the atmosphere will look like in HD. Read More >>

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Watch Earth's Heart Beat In This Mesmerising Animation

There's something about this animation that has me totally mesmerised. Like a lava lamp, but better. It's as if Earth has an invisible heart beat showing through the surface temperature of our oceans. Beautiful. Read More >>

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The First Complete View of Earth from the North Pole

This is a very special version of the Blue Marble: Earth captured on its entirety from an altitude of 512 miles (824 kilometers) over the North Pole. Humanity has never had an image so detailed of our home planet from this unique perspective. Read More >>

The Titanic's First Explorer

After sinking, the RMS Titanic lay undisturbed beneath 12,000 feet of freezing North Atlantic water for years, but in 1985 its watery tomb was finally breached by another marquee vessel—the crown prince of HOVs. Read More >>


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