Can You Create a Perfectly Silent Space?

Imagine a place with no noise whatsoever: no sound, no light, no radio—hell, no Wi-Fi. How on Earth would you go about creating it? Read More >>

Turn Your Mouse Into a Sci-Fi Noise Factory With This Theremin Emulator Webpage

Theremins are the eccentric production lines of weird squeeps and bloops; the de rigueur sound of kitschy black-and-white sci-fi movies and DJ rave alike. Anyone with an appreciation of music, or just noise, should, given the chance, play with one—and now you can from the comfort of your computer, thanks to Femur Design's Theremin webpage. Read More >>

We've Finally Figured Out Why Kettles Whistle

This might shock you, but for over a century scientists have been pondering why kettles whistle—and completely failed to find an answer. That's all changed now, though, thanks to two scientists from the University of Cambridge who have worked out how it happens. Read More >>

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These Are the Secret Sounds of All Your Electronics

We all know the telltale hum of a computer's fan kicking on, or the barely-there buzz of fluorescent lights. But even the most whisper-quiet devices are singing their little songs of daily life; you just can't hear them. At least not without some help. Read More >>

In Space, Nobody Can Hear You Scream (Because It's F*cking Noisy)

This is how it sounds inside the International Space Station, as recorded by Commander Chris Hadfield inside the United States module of the ISS. [Soundcloud via Twitter] Read More >>

America Does a Sensible Thing and Bans Noisy TV Adverts

Here's some great US TV news. Even better than recommissioning Babylon 5. They've passed a law to stop adverts being louder than the programmes they rudely interrupt, a move that will make commercial television much more bearable. Read More >>

Apple's Clever Method to Silence a Vibrating iPhone

Ironically, leaving a silenced phone set to vibrate on a hard surface like a table can actually create more of a disturbance when it rings and bounces around. So Apple has patented a system that uses the iPhone's mic and accelerometer to listen for vibrations and scale back its intensity when it gets too loud. Read More >>

Did You Know That You Can Hear the Big Bang Using Any Old Radio or TV?

Here's a really cool science factoid: if you turn any old radio or TV that is not tuned to any station, a percentage of that white noise you hear is the sound of the Big Bang, the moment of the creation of the Universe. Read More >>


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