Nokia's Taking Google Maps Head-On With Its Own Souped-Up Version of Street View

Nokia's spied a gap in the market. With Google Maps unceremoniously dumped off the iPhone, and Apple Maps being an utter turd-pile, Nokia's got its eye on the mapping prize. It's just invested in its own 200-strong fleet of 'True cars' packed with sensors and cameras to map the streets in even more detail than Google's Street View cars did, with lasers and everything. Read More >>

Nokia Maps for iOS: Why Is Something So Good So Ugly?

Nokia Maps (officially titled "Here") is a potential godsend for anyone fed up with Apple's subpar offering. It's blazingly fast, routes via public transportation with ease, and doesn't mix up Manhattan with Siberia. Unfortunately, it's bogglingly hard on the eyes. Read More >>

Nokia's Apple Maps-Killing Here Maps Is Now Available for the iPhone

Hate Apple Maps? Good news: Nokia's Here maps are now up for free download for the iPhone and iPad. They certainly look different, and are packed with NAVTEQ maps, so should be accurate, unlike Apple's attempt. Voice-guided walking directions, offline maps, public transport, and driving directions are all there too. I just can't figure out how to activate the compass. [iTunes] Read More >>

Nokia's New Mapping Service Is Coming to iOS and Android

We just introduced you to Here, Nokia's insanely fast new mapping service for the desktop and mobile browser, but it's also coming to Android and iOS in a few weeks. Read More >>

Has Apple Started a Google Maps Exodus? Amazon's Dropped Google too

Amazon's launching its own mapping API, and it's dropped Google Maps and partnered with Nokia to do it. The Kindle Fire and Fire HD will pack a slice of Nokia, even though they both run on Android. Google can't be too happy about that, surely? Read More >>

Report: Nokia Maps Replace Bing in Windows Phone 8

Big week for mapping news. Google's got a bunch of new stuff, like offline maps. Apple's got its own maps now too. And Microsoft is reportedly making the switch from Bing to Nokia's maps for all phones in Windows Phone 8. Awesome. Read More >>

Hate Google Maps? You've Got Another Option With Nokia Maps For iOS and Android

I’m pretty happy with Google maps, but if you’re seeking a good alternative, Nokia’s just made a web app of its mapping service available in-browser for both iOS and Android. It’ll even do some things others can’t, like let you to save parts of a map for offline usage and give you voice-guided walking navigation. Read More >>

Is Microsoft Shoehorning Nokia Branding Into Bing Maps On BlackBerrys and Others?

We already knew that part of Microsoft and Nokia’s “special relationship” included the integration of Nokia’s superior mapping technology into Bing Maps. But now Stephen Elop seems to be suggesting that Microsoft’s actually going to go whole-hog and will bung Nokia branding into Bing Maps somewhere. Read More >>

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Nokia Maps Beta Now Available For Nokia Windows Phones

As noted in our review of the Lumia 800, the Nokia Maps app was curiously missing. It's now available from the Windows Phone Marketplace, if you happen to have a Nokia Windows Phone. Read More >>


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