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Here's Some More New Dark Knight Rises Footage and Something Batman to Play With

We're finally in July, which means there's less than 18 days to go till we get to gorge ourselves on the latest Batman outing from Christopher Nolan. The Dark Knight Rises hype machine is in full swing with more unseen footage and a stab at a viral site. Read More >>

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This Awesome Full Length Trailer For The Dark Knight Rises Is the Best Yet

The marketing machine for The Dark Knight Rises is running at full throttle. For us that means some seriously good teasers like this latest two-minute trailer, and a few other bits Batman paraphernalia like this "Dent Act" to ogle at. Read More >>

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The Awesome Dark Knight Rises Trailer Is Even Better in Lego

The Dark Knight Rises is due to be released in the UK on July 20th this year, and if the previous Nolan films and trailers are anything to go by it’s going to be epic. Then again, everything is made better by Lego and watching this stop-motion trailer makes me long for a proper Nolan-esque Lego Batman. Read More >>


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