Relive all of Your Favourite Retro Computer Reboots on One Website

Remember a time when every single software update you made to your computer's OS or applications required a complete reboot of the system? Computers are still far from perfect, but over at The Restart Page you can relive those annoying and constant operating system restarts of yesteryear, and appreciate how far things have come. Read More >>

Give Your Browser Some Serious Nostalgia With These Emulator Websites

Want to stroll down virtual memory lane? You could futz around with classic software on a virtual machine or rummage around ebay for a working model of your first computer. Or, you could cruise the seven classic Windows and Mac OS emulator sites found by Ars Technica's Jon Brodkin. Which sounds a hell of a lot easier. Read More >>

What's Your First Tech Memory?

I watched The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air from a young age. I was so young that my hands weren't strong enough to turn the knobs of my parents' retro TV. I'm totally serious. I had to have someone turn on the TV and change the channel for me. Read More >>

A Love Letter to My First Four Phones

Last month was spent in a state of upheaval. After seven years on one side of the country, I was heading back to the opposite coast, which had led me to go though of the hundreds of pounds of accumulated junk one accidentally collects in boxes over the years. Read More >>

The World's Largest Lunchbox Museum Is a Nostalgic Wonderland

So many formative experiences occurred in school cafeterias where the lunchbox was a symbol of your budding sense of identity. Those little tin boxes line the walls of one quaint little museum in the back of an antique mall in Georgia. Read More >>

10 Terrible Tech Frustrations My Toddler Will Never Have

When I was growing up, my parents would tell me about all the ancient technologies they had to use in their youth. Whether it was a car with a manual choke; a phone that required you to ask an operator to connect you, or a record player with a hand crank, mum and dad experienced a tonne of tech frustrations I would never know. Read More >>

14 Ridiculously Retro Novelty Phones

So we used to have these things called landlines, which were phones that you didn't take with you everywhere and that you actually used to talk to people. Some of them didn't even look like phones. Here are some of our favourite incognito novelty handsets of yore. Warning: will cause extreme nostalgia. Read More >>

Now You Can Turn Your Raspberry Pi Into the Awesome ZX Spectrum

Are you jonesing for some 80's inspired computer fun on the cheap? Look no further than Paul Dunn's ingenious SpecBAS project, which just rolled out full support for the Raspberry Pi -- your pocket mini-marvel just became a ZX Spectrum, well, minus the tapes, of course. Read More >>

If You Don't Have Your Headphones Plugged in While Running this Application, You're a Terrible Human

The world is made up of two kinds of people: those sadistic monsters who leave the key-board clicks turned on on their iPhones, and the sane angels who keep that shit off. Read More >>

Read All the Haunting Texts You Sent a Year Ago

TimeHop is a curious thing—it's the purest form of the stupid Internet faux nostalgia phenomenon. But it's also a lot of mindless, sentimental fun, a snapshot of your (digital) life a year ago. Now it reads your texts. Read More >>

The New Internet Will Make You Sad Forever

The web used to be about other people. IMing your friend, emailing your wife, a chatroom with other guinea pig enthusiasts. Now it's turning around. Information is becoming less important than emotion—the web is an empty nostalgia factory. Read More >>

Second Curtain Flash And The Nostalgia of Now

What does our time look like? Maybe a little like this. A nighttime scene, with ghost images. Lights streaking through the air, and painted across our very own selves. Our time looks like an in-camera photo effect. Read More >>


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