North Yorkshire, Suffolk and Glasgow Testing Nationwide Mobile Emergency Network

The government seems to be expecting something bad to happen in Easingwold, Leiston and Glasgow, as these are the three areas that'll be testing two new emergency alert systems for mobiles. Read More >>

TweetDeck Just Got Worse and Twitter Blames Google

If you're a heavy TweetDeck user—we are bloggers, and thus, we are heavy TweetDeck users—you might've noticed that notifications got way crappier this week. It turns out, it's not Twitter's fault, it's Google's. Hmph. Read More >>

Android 4.3 Notifications System Exposed, Possibly Opened up to Other Apps

A quite technical disassembly job on a leaked build of Android 4.3 has found some interesting changes inside Google's Notifications feature, which appear to suggest that third-party apps may soon be able to read and interact with your phone or tablet's system messages. Read More >>

Facebook Home Download Ignores Android's Notifications

There's going to be one big difference between the downloaded Facebook Home and the one that arrives pre-loaded on the HTC First -- Notifications. The HTC First eats them all up and spews them out in the Facebook Home style, but the downloadable launcher for other phones can't intercept the standard Android news updates. Read More >>

Facebook Is Rolling Out Threaded Comments to Pages and Hyper-Popular Profiles

What was once just an infinitely looping twinkle in a Facebook developer's eye has officially become a reality: comments in reply to comments in reply to posts. Read More >>

Facebook for iOS Is Testing an Obnoxious New Feature That Harasses You Until You Post an Update

Facebook is notorious for testing all sorts of wild and crazy ideas before implementing them site wide — assuming they ever even make it that far. So, for the sake of everyone's sanity, we hope that this newest venture will soon make its way to The Graveyard of Horrible Facebook Features Past, and join the others. Because an iOS notification begging you to post an update (any update!) is perhaps one of the most annoying things Facebook has tried to subject us to yet. Read More >>

Your Phone's Low Battery Warnings Should Look Like These Hilarious Notifications

Because batteries enjoy dying so much when we really need that last little bit of juice, low battery warnings really should be more animated than the plain "20 per cent of battery remaining". I don't know how many times I've ignored that message. But if the alert made fun of me and said something like, "Oh I'll just charge it tonight" You idiot, then my God I would listen to it so much more. Read More >>

Pebble Watch App Lets it Read all Notifications... From a Jailbroken iPhone

The interesting little Pebble smartwatch has been turbocharged by a clever coder, who's developed a way of giving it full access to all iPhone notifications. But you need a "jailbroken" Apple phone to fully exploit its power. Read More >>

Google Chrome's Getting a Handy Notification Centre — And Maybe Google Now

If you're using Chromium on Windows, you can now get a notification centre. The feature's just in the developmental stage right now, but it could lead to some neat creations with Chrome that tie it closer to the Android operating system. Read More >>

Please Apple, Make This Awesome iPhone Notification Concept a Reality

If there's one thing that really grates on me about iOS on the iPhone it's the notifications. They were much improved in iOS 5, but compared to Android, they're just backwards. Not if this awesome-looking concept became a reality, though. Come on Apple, make it happen. Read More >>


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