Sky Go, Now TV and iPlayer Streaming is Currently Broken on iOS Devices

If you're an iPhone or iPad user looking to catch up on recent Sky Go, Now TV or BBC iPlayer programming at the moment, it looks like you're out of luck. Streaming is currently not working properly across all three platforms, with a "Client Server Certificate" error seemingly causing the issues with the Sky apps. Read More >>

The Netflix vs. Amazon Video vs. Now TV Battlemodo: Which Streaming Service is Best?

Cheap isn't always cheerful -- and in the world of streaming video, that's especially true. Although, on the face of it, there's several different near-identical video streaming services you can plonk a couple of quid down for, not all were created equal. Read More >>

4oD Added to Sky's £10 Now TV Streaming Box

Whether you're a subscriber to Sky's premium Now TV on-demand streaming service or not, the company's £10 Now TV set-top box is becoming an increasingly good deal if you're looking to hook a dumb TV up to the web on the cheap. In addition to the BBC iPlayer and Demand 5 catch-up services, it now offers Channel 4's 4oD for free too. [Now TV] Read More >>

£5 PAYG Now TV Bundle Adds 10 Channels to Sky's Miniature Set-Top Box

If you want to get a bit more out of Sky's super-cheap telly dongle, its new Entertainment Month Pass adds 10 subscription packages to your EPG in return for a £4.99 a month, casual, no-strings, PAYG financial commitment. Read More >>

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Now TV Box Review: This £10 Box Is Miles Better Than It Should Be

A media streamer for just £10 has to be utter rubbish, surely? Not if it's actually a Roku LT underneath and subsidised by Sky. The Now TV box gives you BBC iPlayer, Demand 5, Spotify, Now TV, and a couple of other streaming services on your TV for the price of one cinema ticket. Heck, less than a cinema ticket, in some (Leicester Square) cases. Read More >>

Sky's New Now TV Box Gives You iPlayer, Demand 5 and Spotify on Your TV For Just £10

This might just be the cheapest way to get BBC iPlayer and Demand 5, as well as Sky's Now TV movies and sport streaming services, plus Spotify and Facebook on your goggle box. The new Now TV box, which is basically a clone of the awesome Roku, is just £10. Take that £100 Apple TV and £30 Chromecast. Read More >>

The Netflix vs. LoveFilm vs. Now TV vs. Blinkbox Shoot-Out: Which One is Worth Your Money?

Now that Tesco's big investment in Blinkbox is finally paying off, ramped up its content and being pushed out to more devices, it’s time to have a look at what we can actually get from the PAYG-only service, and compare it to what our original streamers, LoveFilmNetflix and Now TV, are currently offering. Read More >>

This is the Single Biggest Problem With Every Streaming Service to Date

Streaming is all the rage. No one seems to want to own anything anymore when it comes to media, or is it that no one wants to sell it to you? Either way, streaming is where it's at, whether it's Spotify, Netflix, LoveFilm or Now TV. But there's a big problem with all of them, and it's just reared its ugly head again. Read More >>

Disney Channel Bouncing onto Sky Go Tonight

Sky is about to add its Disney Channel to the list of those accessible through its Sky Go streaming web and app solution, meaning you'll never be more than a few clicks away from some awful moralising cartoon product. Read More >>

Will Ouya Beat the Apple TV to the Streaming TV App Pie?

We've been saying for years all the Apple TV needs are channel-specific streaming TV apps and it'd be truly awesome. Now Ouya's CEO has come out and basically said that the mini Android console should come packing a load of streaming apps from major publishers and she's "talking to everyone". Read More >>

Sky's Bagging Early Access to the New Star Wars and Marvel Films

Hidden deep within a release about a relatively mundane announcement of Sky's new Disney Movies Channel, there's a small titbit makes all the difference in the sci-fi-loving world: "including new movies from Lucasfilm, and also Marvel Studios features". Sky's bagged a Disney movie channel and with it, early access to Iron Man 3, Avengers and the incoming JJ Abrams Star Wars movies. And that's huge. Read More >>

A Tron-Bike Flash Drive and a Pen Bow and Arrow Are Your Office-Boredom-Nullifying Deals of the Day

It's fair to say that novelty items make the world go round. Without quirky, smile-provoking products, experts reckon that there'd be 74 per cent more wars everywhere. Read More >>

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Instant Emergency Presents to Make You Look Like a Total Legend

It's Christmas eve -- if you don't have everyone covered by Christmas presents yet, you're pretty screwed. Well, apart from these beauties that is. Here are your not-even-slightly-lame emergency Crimbo presents you can grab right now, instantly from your computer, and look like a legend come tomorrow morning. Read More >>

You Can Finally Grab Sky's Now TV on the Roku

Sky's streaming movie service, Now TV, has finally landed on something other than the Xbox. If you've got a Roku, you can now pull down yet more movies, and eventually Sky Sports and Sky Atlantic, on your cheap, mini TV streamer of choice. It's just a shame it's still not on the PS3. [Sky] Read More >>

Sky Bags Warner Brothers In Streaming Movie War With Netflix and LoveFilm

Looks like Sky's using its cash reserves to tie-up big movie studios so the likes of Netflix and LoveFilm are left wanting. Warner Brothers have signed on for Sky's raft of services for, meaning WB movies will only be available on TV and streaming from Sky, for a whole year, six months after their cinema releases. Quite a coup for Now TV. Read More >>

Now TV Finally Arrives in HD on the Xbox 360

After landing on YouView, Now TV's also just arrived on the Xbox bringing with it HD streaming. So, if you've been looking for an excuse to try out Sky's new movie service, and you've got an Xbox, time to give it a whirl? Personally, I'm waiting on it hitting the PS3, which Sky assures us is happening really soon, along with a Roku app. [TechRadar] Read More >>


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