Fukushima Could Make Japan a Leader in Nuclear Cleanup Tech

The idea that a nuclear disaster could actually drive innovation is definitely a new way to look at Japan's ongoing Fukushima debacle. But a new report from the AP does just that, suggesting that the long-term cleanup effort that Japan now faces will make it a world leader in decommissioning nuclear plants. Read More >>

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Japan to Intentionally Send Nuclear Fuel Rod Into Meltdown

Japan's Atomic Energy Agency will, at some point after this coming April, deliberately send a nuclear fuel rod into a full-blown meltdown. What could possibly go wrong? Read More >>

The Trick to Disposing of Nuclear Waste Could be Turning it Into Glass

Nuclear power is great, but the waste it creates is a problem. Best case scenario we can turn it into more power in the future, but for now we're stuck just stashing it away. But there's another way—a badass way—that's poised to make it easier and safer: nuclear glass. Read More >>

Radiation-Proof Underwear Should Be On Every Survivalist's Christmas Wish-List

Radiation poisoning is serious, life-ending stuff, and it's a danger that looms ominously over the clean-up crews at the Fukushima nuclear power plant disaster site. It can be pretty brutal. So, naturally, people are looking to protect their sensitive, private parts. Read More >>

Spacey Fukushima Worker Pushes Wrong Button, Almost Causes Meltdown

It's another week and another chance for TEPCO to embarrass itself at the beleaguered Fukushima power plant. Sometime on Monday morning, the cooling pump for the reactors shut down suddenly. It must've been some mechanical failure or some freak accident, right? Nah. Some worker just pushed the off button by mistake, according to the Nuclear Regulation Authority. Read More >>

Fukushima's Leaking Radioactive Water into the Ocean After All

Well over two years after the Tōhuku earthquake and tsunami, TEPCO officials admit that radioactive groundwater has been leaking into the nearby ocean for, well, two years. Read More >>

Fukushima Explosion Was Concealed by Japanese Government Until Right Before It Happened

Newly released evidence from Japanese utility company TEPCO shows that the Japanese government ordered it not to tell anyone that Fukushima reactor 3 was about to explode until right before it happened. Could better procedure have made this disaster less catastrophic? Read More >>

Jelly Sea Creatures Disable Entire Nuclear Power Plant

When we last heard from the Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant in California, it was under siega by swarms of salp, a gelatinous plankton organism. Last night, the salp won—Diablo Canyon is offline, defeated by the ocean. Read More >>

Oh Great: Chunks of Fukushima's Corroded Radioactive Uranium Could Survive in the Ocean for Years

Last march when the Fukushima-Daiichi nuclear plant was disastrously damaged by a tsunami, plant technicians used seawater to cool the meltdown situation. At the time, that was probably the best way to avoid an even worse situation. Read More >>

Bill Gates Building Nuke Plant for China

What do you do when you've run out of things to spend money on, and everyone already uses your software? How about developing a nuclear plant with China? Sure! Bill Gates is doing just that, the AP reports. For science? Read More >>

Are All of France's Nuclear Power Plants Unsafe?

The French are great at lots of things: bread, cheese, wine, shrugging. Sadly, their nuclear power stations aren't so amazing. They're unsafe, and need a massive overhaul. Read More >>

The Simpsons Called It: Three Eyed Fish Caught Outside a Nuclear Power Plant

Fishermen in Córdoba, Argentina caught a three-eyed wolf fish in a reservoir fed by a local nuclear power plant, which will surely hinder the plant's owner's attempt to run for local office. Read More >>


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