Tech-Obsessed Singaporeans Bought "Nearly 1,400" Smartwatches in Two Months

Stats that count smartwatch sales in the tech haven of Singapore appear to show the smartwatch is a rather large flop in the country, with numbers from analyst GfK suggesting an embarrassing total of "nearly 1,400" smartwatches were shifted there in the first two months of 2014. Read More >>

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Why Do Some People Hate Mathematics So Much?

In this video, Edward Frenkel—perhaps my favourite mathematician—explains why the thinks the problem is multi-dimensional (no pun intended). [YouTube] Read More >>

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You've Never Seen Pi Look So Interesting in So Many Ways

Martin Krzywinski is an artist. No, wait, he's a mathematician. Actually, scratch that: he's both, and he can make the number Pi look insanely beautiful. Read More >>

Why Times and Timezones Still Confuse the Hell Out Developers

There have been no end of time and calendar mess ups in software over the years, and they still seem to keep happening. So why is it that times and timezones still confuse the hell out of developers? Read More >>

The Math Behind the NSA's Email Hacks

We're all outraged by the NSA's invasions of privacy, sure—but we don't perhaps understand exactly how it managed it. This video explains the maths behind the agency's surveillance. Read More >>

When Did There Become Too Many Books to Read in One Lifetime?

We've all done it: stood in a library, looking around, we've been confronted by the fact that there are way, way too many books in existence for us to ever read. But when in history did that happen? Read More >>

It's Always 10:10 in Watch Ads

It's always 10:10 in watch ads, as this video shows. What the hell?
According to the New York Times, it's all a matter of aesthetics: it's nicely symmetrical, it shows off both hands, and, importantly, it means the watch's logo is never obscured. It also looks kind of like a smile, but we're less convinced by that argument. [YouTube] Read More >>

Sony's PS4 Smashes Records (and Xbox One) With 250k UK Sales in Two Days

PlayStation4 has broken the previous record for video game console launch sales in the UK, shifting substantially more hardware than the 180,000 unit previous record during its first two days on sale. Read More >>

The Maths Hidden in Futurama

You might just watch Futurama and giggle to yourself—as you should!—but if you study it a little more closely, you'll find that it's stuffed full of numbers and maths. Read More >>

Look at the Insane Number Layouts Our Telephones Could Have Had

The year was 1960, and phones were changing. It was the beginning of the end for rotary dialing, and buttons were the future. But engineers faced an important, looming question: what order do you put those buttons in? Read More >>

Win For Common Sense: Premium Rate Complaints Lines Banned

The government's announced plans to ban the rip-off premium 084 and 087 numbers from being used to contact some companies, with new rules set to reduce the cost of calls to customer query and complaint numbers. Read More >>

How Credit Card Numbers Are Created

If you thought the sprawl of 16 numbers across the front of your credit was randomly generated, think again: like any good string of numbers, an algorithm was involved in its creation. Read More >>

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Four Infinity Puzzles to Melt Your Monday Evening Mind

It's Monday evening and one day in the work week ahead seems infinite. It's not though, and you should be glad because infinity isn't just long, it's also confusing. Take for instance this quartet of infinite paradoxes that will blow your groggy mind. Read More >>

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Population Growth and Climate Change Explained Using Lego

There's seemingly no limit to the power of Lego, and in this video Hans Rosling uses it with great panache to explain the problems of population growth and climate change. Read More >>

A Former Subway Worker Made a Breakthrough Discovery in Maths

A completely unknown guy in the world of maths has made a breakthrough discovery that will help us understand numbers better. Basically, a guy who once struggled to find a job and had to work at Subway, is helping maths geniuses understand the twin prime conjecture, one of maths' oldest problems. Read More >>

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How Much Hair, Sweat, Pee and Poop Do Our Bodies Make Every Year?

Prepare to be grossed out. You know how you go to the bathroom every day, cut your nails every few weeks and cut your hair every month? Did you ever think about what all that totals up to? What about all those times you've cried or drooled or worked up a sweat? It adds up to an embarrassing amount of fluid! Read More >>


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