Nvidia's Next-Gen Pascal GPU Will be a Tiny 3D Powerhouse

Nvidia is only just starting to put out cards that run on its new Maxwell architecture, but its eyes are already on the future. Today at its annual GPU Technology Conference, Nvidia announced its next, far-future architecture: Pascal. Read More >>

Nvidia's New Laptop Cards are Battery-Saving Scorchers

Integrated graphics are getting better and better, but if you really want to game on your laptop, ain't nothing gonna beat discrete. Nvidia's new line of GTX mobile cards are about as good as it gets, and they're not just bringing performance upgrades, but better battery life as well. Read More >>

Will it? Won't it? Nvidia Sends Out Mixed Messages Over Shield UK Release

The Nvidia Shield has been doing the rounds for a few months in the US, a well-received PC/Android gaming handheld, equipped with a clamshell touchscreen and full-size gamepad controls. Still awaiting a UK release, it seems Nvidia is still uncertain when it comes to getting the handheld into the paws of Blighty's gamers. Read More >>

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Nvidia's First Maxwell Card is a Power-Sipping Screamer

Nvidia's Tegra K1 is damned pretty for mobile tech, but the desktop team hasn't just been sitting around waiting for Tegra to catch up. Say hello to Maxwell—the new architecture on the desktop side—and the GTX 750Ti. It's a tiny little sucker that's worth its weight in watts. Read More >>

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Nvidia Crop Circle Advertises Out of This World New Tegra K1 Chip

Nvidia took to the fields to help publicise its new Tegra K1 chip, its first with a staggering 192 CUDA cores. The result is this deliciously geeky crop circle, cut into a field two hours south of San Francisco. [Nvidia] Read More >>

Holy Crap, Nvidia's New Tegra K1 Has 192 Cores?!

Nvidia's kicking off this year's CES madness with the Tegra K1, the first Nvidia chip with freaking 192 CUDA cores. Does that sound like a desktop thing, not mobile? It sort of is. According to Nvidia this bridges the gap between Kepler-based desktop cards and the mobile-based Tegra chips. Not just Tegra 5 but like Tegra 5000. Yeah. It's a mobile chip with a desktop heart. Read More >>

Nvidia GeForce GTX 780Ti: Get Gaming in Glorious 4K

Earlier this year, Nvidia dropped a bomb on the world of graphics processing with the Titan, a real luducrious powerhouse what cost a whopping £850. Now, the monsterous Titan is getting (another) "affordable" twin in the form of the Gefore GTX 780Ti, which Nvidia's calling the best gaming GPU on the planet. Read More >>

The Nvidia Shield Still Works After Getting Shot with a Gun

Usual disclaimer about not trying this at home and all that but if you were wondering if you could use the Nvidia Shield as a bulletproof vest and then still play with it later, the answer is yes! Well, as long as it gets shot through the screen. And as long as you're not actually using it as a literal shield. Our friends at RatedRR gave the Shield a good old shellacking and said its the first gadget to still work after getting shot. Not bad. Read More >>

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Why Don't All Gadget Teardowns End In an Explosion?

We've seen your typical, sterile, tiny-screwdriver-filled teardown of Nvidia's Shield that showed there's actually a lot crammed in there. But Nvidia decided to do a teardown of its own that's just a little...rougher. Read More >>

Microsoft Surface 2 Coming to Lose Microsoft Loads More Money

Despite costing Microsoft an enormous amount of money already, the software giant is seemingly set to continue its push into Microsoft-brand tablet hardware, with benchmarks suggesting a Surface 2 is on the way. And it'll be joined by a Pro model, too. Read More >>

GTA V For PC "Confirmed" By Nvidia For This Autumn

It seems Nvidia's supposedly let slip that GTA V is indeed headed to the PC, and just this Autumn too. It looks like Rockstar's putting the effort in to take epic pedestrian squishing to PC gamers again. This should be interesting. Read More >>

Just Look at How Insane Your Phone's Graphics Will Be Next Year

Project Logan is NVIDIA's next-gen mobile processor. Inside of it is the Kepler GPU, which NVIDIA claims the fastest, most advanced scalable GPU in the world. Last year, Kepler hit desktops and laptops, and next year your phone and tablet are about to get supercharged. Read More >>

This Is the 'Fastest GPU Ever' Made

With twice the capacity of the Quadro 6000 that it replaces, the specs on this thing are just crazy: it has 12GB of super-fast DDR5 graphics memory, 2,880 streaming multiprocessor cores, ultra-low latency video I/O, and the ability to drive four simultaneous displays at up to 4K resolution. So, you probably need this on your home PC, right? Read More >>

Bloomberg: Qualcomm Chips Are Headed For Microsoft's Surface RT

Bloomberg is reporting that Microsoft is planning to give its Surface RT tablet an overhaul using chips from Qualcomm. Read More >>

This is What Nvidia's Project Shield Android Console Will Be Capable Of

The beastly portable Android console Nvidia's pumping out, Project Shield, has the potential to really shake up the gaming market, even with the Xbox One and PS4 on the horizon. Like a souped-up screen-equipped Ouya, it'll be powered by the brand new Tegra 4 chip. Wow this thing is going to be powerful. Read More >>


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