Warner Brothers Is Being Sued For Using Nyan Cat Without Permission

Warner Brothers — a company all too keen to leap on anybody infringing its copyright — is being sued for unauthorised use of the Nyan Cat meme. Oops. Read More >>

A New Anonymous Hack Lets You Shoot Up US Government Sites with a Nyan Cat Spaceship

In the wake of Aaron Swartz's suicide, your friendly neighborhood cyber-vigilantes Anonymous have been lashing out. It's mostly been DDOSes and cyber-vandalism, but their most recent project is a bit more fun, and lets you play Asteroids with a Nyan Cat spaceship that blasts up sites. Read More >>

This Lego Nyan Cat Is Mechanically Animated and Infinitely Cool

I want this so badly: an animated Nyan Cat made entirely out of Lego. You can put this on your wall and run it forever. Forfreakingever, people. Read More >>

Move Over Nyan Cat, OMFGDOGS Is Here to Annihilate Your Brain

If you thought Nyan Cat was annoying, boy, you haven't seen nothing yet. OMFGDOGS will drive you insane in just a fraction of the time. Test your hardcore meme endurance skills; go on, I dare you. Read More >>

Not Even Spotify Is Safe From the Nyan Cat

After infiltrating Windows 7; the internet, and of course your eardrums, it appears the poptart-kitteh has snuck its way inside the Spotify progress bar. According to PCWorld, it was added in Spotify's big Facebook update two weeks ago, and thankfully will only hoon across the bar when playing the actual Nyan Cat song. Phew, we're safe then. [@DanSumption via @AndyMalt via @BethSquires] Read More >>


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