google glass
Should our Bobbies Follow the NYPD's Example and Begin Testing Google Glass?

According to a report by VentureBeat, The New York City Police Department is currently investigating how useful Google Glass could be in the fight against the city's crime. Read More >>

New York Cops Want to Catch Future Mass Shooters Online—Before They Snap

The recent school shooting in Newtown, CT is proving a watershed moment for American gun control efforts—public opinion is quickly coalescing in favour of stringent regulation proposals while civic leaders scramble to respond to the outcry. But fear not New Yorkers, the NYPD has a plan—wait for potential killers to mention their murderous intentions on Facebook. Read More >>

Cops Are Acting Drunk to Catch Gadget Thieves

Are you the type who likes to get sozzled and ride public transportation home late at night? Congratulations, you are a gadget thief's favorite target! The NYPost reports that New York's police department is training a new squadron of drunk-impersonators to bust them. Read More >>


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