O2 4G Coverage Now Reaches a Third of the UK Population

Since launching in August last year, O2's 4G rollout has continued at a pace. The network has today announced that its masts' coverage reaches one third of the UK population, with over a million 4G customers across 191 towns and cities. Read More >>

Grab Some Hot Tickets to Monty Python on Stage for Your "Something Completely Different" Deal of the Day

Knock knock. Who is there? A dead parrot! Hahahaha! Doctor, doctor; I feel like I've been a very naughty boy and am not the messiah! Well, perhaps this amusing animation will ease your symptoms. Hahahaha! A horse does a funny walk into a bar and the barman says "and now for something completely different..." Read More >>

EE Crushes Vodafone in UK Mobile Network Speed and Reliability Tests

Mobile analyst Rootmetrics has been criss-crossing the country carrying out speed tests, sending texts and the like, coming to the conclusion that upstart network EE offers the best general connectivity in terms of speed and performance across the UK. Read More >>

O2 Contract Prices Can Now Go Up Every Year, Despite New Ofcom Ruling -- Updated

Ofcom's long-awaited ruling today on mid-contract price hikes for mobile users was meant to protect customers from unexpected charges. Its decision to restrict a network's ability to raise prices for customers before the term of their contract expires however seems to have backfired, as O2 appears to have found a loophole in the regulator's new rules. Read More >>

1GB of Data For £17 a Month on New O2 4G Tariff

O2's latest 4G tariff refresh looks to cater for cash-strapped (data) speed freaks, with 1GB of data on a 24-month 4G Refresh Airtime tariff now costing just £17 a month. Bump that up to £21 a month for a 1GB a month, 12-month SIM-only "Simplicity" plan, while more expensive variations on each deal offer larger data allowances. Both offer unlimited texts and minutes.[O2] Read More >>

Three Network Boss Hints at Possible UK Merger; O2 in His Sights?

The man in charge of mobile network Three has suggested there might be some hot consolidation action in the cellular world next year, with rumours linking his company to a possible buyout of the UK operations of rival network O2. Read More >>

Struggling to Get a Launch Day PS4? O2 to Sell Contract PS4 Bundled with Xperia Z1

With Amazon and a host of other gaming retailers announcing that new pre-orders on Sony's PlayStation 4 won't be fulfilled in time for Christmas, expect there to be a Jingle All The Way rush to grab the console from brick-and-mortar stores come launch day on Friday. If the thought of braving the midnight queues sends a shiver down your spine, an interesting last-resort offer from O2 may save your Christmas. Read More >>

O2's 4G PAYG Plans Get Better Over Time, Like a Vintage Wine

EE may be celebrating its first birthday this week, but O2 is out to spoil the party. Hot on the heels of EE's 4G PAYG announcements, O2 has now revealed its own commitment-free super-fast pay as you go pricing. Read More >>

O2 Customers (or Crafty Deal-Hunters) Get Free Evernote Premium as of Today

Signed a couple years of your life away to O2? Here's something to cheer you up this morning -- all O2 customers, rich or poor, new or old, Pay-as-you-Go or contract, get a free 1-year subscription to Evernote Premium as of today. That's an offer worth £35, so if you're an Evernote user and an O2 subscriber, it's worth checking out. Read More >>

Mobile Networks Furious Over Huge Spectrum Price Hikes

Four of our mobile networks are in a sulk with communications regulator Ofcom, after it announced plans to raise the licensing fees paid to use existing mobile networks. It may mean more expensive calls for the likes of us. Read More >>

Half of Loyal Brits Have Never Changed Mobile Phone Network

Just as we're loyal to our underperforming League Two football teams, so to do we Brits stick loyally to our mobile phone networks. For better, for worse, in sickness and in health, half of British mobile users have never changed mobile operator. Read More >>

Here's how to get O2's 4G Service Working on iPhone 5S and 5C

Apple may have been singing from the rooftops on how the new duo of iPhones would work on more mobile radio bands than any previous generation, but if you were an O2 customer looking to get 4G speeds on the 5S or 5C you were bang out of luck. Until now that is. Read More >>

TechRadar and the O2 Gurus Immerse Themselves in the Future of Gaming

Forget GTA V or this next-gen console faff: the real future of gaming lies in immersive experiences. Our friends at TechRadar have joined forces with the O2 Gurus to investigate what wearable technology and hi-res displays are going to mean for gamers in the future. Read More >>

Anything EE 4G Can Do, Vodafone and O2 Can Attempt to Match With Coverage Expansion

EE announces 12 new 4G connected UK towns, but O2 and Vodafone can only manage the same five each. With all three networks battling it out for 4G supremacy, EE's year-long head-start over the competition is really beginning to show in terms of established infrastructure. Read More >>

New iPhones Won't Work on O2's 4G Network at Launch

The reason O2 wasn't listed as a 4G network partner at this week's big Apple event may be due to the network having failed Apple's stringent mobile tests, meaning there's going to be a delay between the launch of the two new phones on 4G contracts and them... actually working on 4G. Read More >>

O2's iPhone 5S Pricing Is Not For the Faint-Hearted

Just in case you were holding out for a miracle, the first network to let loose their iPhone 5S pricing is...well...let's just say, avert your eyes now. It's not cheap, as you might have guessed. O2's prices start at £120 upfront on a 24-month contract at £37/month for the 16GB 5S model. Ouch. And that's not even 4G -- that'll cost £47/month for 5GB of data. [O2] Read More >>


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