Animal Protein Added to Smoking/Salt/Sugar/Fat/Carbs Early Death List

Feeling smug about eating a high-protein diet? Too bad, you may still die young like the rest of the carb-bloated population, with researchers suggesting a diet loaded with animal protein can increase the likelihood of developing serious diseases to a similar level to that seen in smokers. Read More >>

The Science of Fat

Let's start with a positive spin, shall we? Think of body fat as "potential energy." Calories, which you consume through the food you eat, are fuel. Once these calories make it into your bloodstream, this fuel is burned by your various bodily processes. Yes, your muscles burn them, sure, but so does digestion, breathing, brain function, growing hair, etc. Basic being-alive stuff. Now, sometimes we consume more calories than our bodies are presently prepared to burn. When that happens our bodies say, "Oh dang, I don't need all of this energy right now. I'd better save it, in case I need it later." And so the miracle of fat begins. Read More >>

Stoke-on-Trent Attempting to Curb Obesity with Motivational Text Messages

The UK's number of obese people is on the rise, and is set to cause quite a strain on the NHS if something isn't done to prevent it. Taking a slightly-unorthodox (if forward-thinking) approach is Stoke-on-Trent council. It is hoping the power of the text message will get people up, out and exercising. Read More >>

Two Million UK Porkers May Qualify for Weight Loss Surgery

We're such a nation of fatties that researchers believe around two million UK citizens are obese enough to qualify for some sort of weight loss surgery, with staff at Imperial College London claiming 5 per cent of adults are flabby enough to get it on the NHS. Read More >>

Your Kid's So Fat He's Going to Need Drastic Obesity Intervention by 2050

There's a grim new worst-case future scenario in town, delivered by the National Obesity Forum. It claims predictions that 50 per cent of the UK population will be obese by the year 2050 may be optimistic, and that a much higher percentage of the population might be whale-sized a few decades from now. Read More >>

Don't Worry About the Chrimbo Flab, Ray Kurzweil Says We'll Soon be Able to Switch Off Our Fat Cells

Ray Kurzweil, a man who has a lucky habit of guessing things about the future that usually turn out to be on the money, believes we're on the cusp of extending our lives even further, thanks to nanobots and the looming ability to deactivate our body's ability to store fat. Read More >>

We've Found the "Fat Gene" and Goddammit, it's Hereditary

Tried the Atkins diet, Weight Watchers or plain old fasting to shift that excess paunch you're carrying, and all to no avail? It may not be entirely your fault -- researchers have pinpointed the mutated gene that gives people a genetic disposition towards obesity. And, being hereditary, it's yet another thing you can blame on your parents. Read More >>

Scientists Have Figured Out How to Turn Off Hunger

Recently, scientists have been coming up with more and more, er, creative ways of combatting the potentially fatal effects of obesity. Soon though, people with overeating disorders might have a single solution that stops the problem at the root. We could just turn off part of their brain. Read More >>

Tesco May Use Clubcard Data to Remind You to Avoid the Biscuit Aisle

That mass of Clubcard data Tesco has on you and your shopping preferences might soon be put to good use, as the shopping giant is considering a mobile advice system that gives buyers tips on healthy choices. Perhaps it could use GPS to set off an alarm should you wander within 10 metres of the Dairy Milk. Read More >>

A Woman Died from Drinking Too Much Coca Cola

It always seemed like a scare tactic that fat fearing parents would tell their sugar loving kids: if you drink too much Coke, you could die! (okay, maybe in a not so morbid way) But a woman actually died from drinking too much Coke. The coroner blamed the 30-year-old woman's 10L-a-day Coke problem — as in Coca Cola — as the reason for her death. Read More >>

Why Fat People Can't Help Getting Even Fatter

Put down those bear claws. No, both of them! Researchers at Trinity College Dublin have found that once you're fat, you're probably just going to get fatter. Read More >>

Being Obese Is Better Than Being Underweight

Modern society is obsessed with weight: everyone longs to be skinny, and obesity is demonised. But while being overweight does carry with it health risks, a new study suggests that being underweight is far more dangerous than being obese. Read More >>

If You're Fat, Your Friends Will Always See You That Way

For many people, a decision to lose weight isn't just made because of the obvious health advantages, but to change the way people think about them. So it's a shame that new research suggest that, in the minds of friends and family, a fat person is always fat, regardless of how much weight they lose. Read More >>

Burger King Introduces the BACON PUDDING

It is hard to believe this exists, but then again this has come from America, home of the idiot food. It is Burger King's latest innovation in the land of the bulging elasticated waistband, a pudding with bacon in it. Read More >>

You're Fat Because of Plastic

A new review of over 240 peer-reviewed studies has shown that there’s a link between some chemicals used in the plastics that make up food containers, packaging and household items, and obesity and diabetes. The plastic your food comes in might be making you fat. Read More >>

Is CO2 Making You Fat?

There's a never-ending stream of scientific explanations for obesity. The latest suggests that CO2 contributes to our weight gain and that as we pump more of it in to the atmosphere, the fatter we become. But can that really be the case? Read More >>


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