Deepsea Minerals are Coming Soon to a Mobile Phone Near You

Rocks mined from the seafloor have been confirmed as a viable source for rare earth metals, and thus a tiny piece of the ocean might soon find its way into a mobile phone or computer chipboard near you. The finding, published in the April 2014 issue of Applied Geochemistry, all but guarantees a new round of focus on overcoming the challenges—both industrial and environmental—of extracting mineral riches from the ocean depths. Read More >>

Look at These Beautiful Little Corals Grown Like Ice Lollies in a Lab

Coral sex is a wonder to behold. On a summer night, always around a full moon, corals somehow all know to release billions of sperm and eggs into the sea, turning the water into a pink miasma of sex. This spawning relies on precise environmental cues, which could get scrambled in climate change. That's why researchers are trying to get them to spawn in the lab. Read More >>

UN: Ships Need to Shut Up So Whales and Dolphins Can Hear

The noises made by the gargantuan boats that move our stuff from one continent to another are ruining marine life. So this week, new regulations have been issued by the International Maritime Organization, the sea-faring agency of the United Nations, asking shipping companies to turn down the volume. Read More >>

Shipping Containers Lost at Sea, and the Search for Flight MH370

Just how many large mysterious objects can there be floating at sea? That's what many of us have wondered after the search for debris from Malaysia Airlines 370 turned up piece after piece of ocean junk. Read More >>

The UK is Crowdsourcing its Next Map of the Ocean Floor

It isn't known how deep large parts of the ocean off the British coast really are, and this is clearly not ideal for the many sailors that navigate those waters. A new project funded by the European Community is using technology to solve this problem—technology and lots of boats. Read More >>

A Single Night of Sex on This Luxury Hotel Submarine Costs £175,000

Well here's a new option for the wealthy tourist who has seen it all. No, it's not a trip to space or a floating hotel room. It's a luxury submarine—an underwater palace fit for a Bond villain that can be yours for the weekend, but it will set you back a pretty penny. Read More >>

How an Underwater Bomb in Australia Was Heard Around the World

In 1960, scientists did one of those experiments that just aren't allowed anymore. For the sake of science, they blew up three 300-lb anti-submarine bombs off the coast of Australia. A listening station 10,000 miles away in Bermuda—on the exact other side of the planet—waited. And waited. Read More >>

Researchers Discover Huge Freshwater Reserves Under Ocean Floors

As earth's population surges, mankind faces an increasingly limited supply of fresh water. Thankfully, Australian scientists report this week that they've found vast new fresh water supplies. Unfortunately, it's in one of earth's least accessible places: under the ocean floor. Read More >>

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This Underwater Terminator Is a Floating Jellyfish Abattoir

With the continuing collapse of fisheries around the world, a new balance of power is being set in the open oceans, one where jellies are the dominant biomass, not more modern vertebrates. This is not good. Read More >>

Watch Engineers Right the Costa Concordia, Live

The BBC's currently carrying a live stream of the efforts to salvage stricken cruise ship Costa Concordia from its sideways watery slumber, as engineers slowly pull the boat off the rocks where it's been rusting away since early last year. Read More >>

Scientists Found the World's Largest Volcano on Ocean Floor Near Japan

The biggest volcano ever found on Earth—one of the biggest we know of in the solar system—has been hidden for ages. But now scientists have found it, just chillin' beneath the sea. It's a monster. Read More >>

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A Whole Sea Lion Was Found Inside This Shark's Stomach

This is pretty incredible. One of the biggest mako sharks ever caught had its organs donated to science. Here you can see what exactly the huge shark dined on. You'll probably not believe it, but they found a whole sea lion in there, head intact. Luckily it wasn't a person. Read More >>

A Map That Shows How Salty the Seas Are

Some briny deeps are brinier than others. The Atlantic Ocean has two huge "deserts" of extra-salty water, the result of little rainfall and lots of evaporation. Read More >>

Animals Are Literally Being Dissolved Alive Because of Acid in the Ocean

The next time you're having a bit of a bad day, consider this: in a part of the Southern Ocean, sea snails are literally dissolving day by day, thanks to the increasingly high amounts of man-made acidification. Being a little late to that meeting beats being dissolved alive, eh? Read More >>

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Watch Earth's Heart Beat In This Mesmerising Animation

There's something about this animation that has me totally mesmerised. Like a lava lamp, but better. It's as if Earth has an invisible heart beat showing through the surface temperature of our oceans. Beautiful. Read More >>

The Titanic's First Explorer

After sinking, the RMS Titanic lay undisturbed beneath 12,000 feet of freezing North Atlantic water for years, but in 1985 its watery tomb was finally breached by another marquee vessel—the crown prince of HOVs. Read More >>


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