A Cheap iPad, Old or New, Is Your "an Apple a Day Keeps Your Tablet-Envy at Bay" Deal of the Day

The entire world has got iPad fever! Okay, that might be a slight exaggeration, but for the sake of this opening paragraph, let’s all indulge ourselves in that mass delusion. Read More >>

An Inflatable Cowboy-and-Horse Costume Is Your Perfect-Outfit-For-a-Jog Deal of the Day

Today’s top offer isn’t a piece of white-hot, state-of-the-art technology but it’s guaranteed to turn heads just as much as the new iPad or one of those portable 3D TVs on wheels that you can attach to your waist and watch as you walk. Read More >>

A Light-Up Star Wars TIE Advanced Webcam Is Your "Die Rebel Scum" Deal of the Day

Unlike its 1977 movie counterpart Little Johnny And The Disco Devils, Star Wars has never fallen out of favour with ‘the kids’. There’s been a slew of merchandise ever since, while in contrast, no Disco Devils play figures actually exist any more. Read More >>

Six Months Of LoveFilm Streaming For Just a Tenner Is Your Sod the "Great" Outdoors Deal of the Day

Not going out is the new staying apparently, and as such, we all need to find stuff with do with our eyes and ears instead of avoiding being knifed in ‘The Great Outdoors’. Or something. Read More >>

The HTC Flyer Is Your 7-Inch iPad-Alternative on the Cheap Deal of the Day

The new iPad is on its way! We expect it’ll be pretty much like the last one – good-looking, fast, useful, but with a few features annoyingly absent and a £400+ price tag. Hmmm… Read More >>

The World's First 2.5-Inch 1TB SSD Needs to Get In My Laptop's Belly Like Now

OCZ's new Octane series is the first solid state drive to squeeze one full terabyte of storage into a 2.5-inch drive, but the awesome doesn't stop there. It has read speeds of up to 560MB/s and write speeds of 400MB/s, versus top competitors who are at 500MB/s read and 315MB/s write. Read More >>


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