Ofcom Charts the Rise in Average UK Broadband Speeds -- But Rural Networks Still Crawling

The average UK broadband speed now sits at 17.8Mbps according to the latest study conducted by regulators Ofcom. That's up more than 3Mbps over the past six months, and a significant rise from the 3.6Mbps average that Ofcom found when it first started studying broadband speeds back in November 2008. Read More >>

Ofcom Greenlights the Use of Vehicle-Mounted Earth Stations to Enable Solid Train, Boat and Plane Broadband Speeds

Committing to a train, plane, coach or boat journey is usually also signing yourself up for a few hours of broadband-detox -- trains offer extortionately priced (and almost uniformly slow) web access, while in the UK planes, coaches and boats rarely offer any sort of web connection at all. However, that may all change thanks to a new decision by Ofcom allowing the use of "earth stations" on moving vehicles. Read More >>

You Can Soon Quit a UK Mobile Contract Without Penalty if Prices Rise

Mobile phone contracts can be lengthy, expensive things, leaving you paying through the nose for an out-of-date handset by the back end of a 24-month deal. Adding insult to injury, carriers could up the price of a contract with little warning, leaving you with a penalty fee if you can't foot the pricier bill and are looking to quit. Until now, that is. Read More >>

Cold-Callers Watch Out! There's an Ofcom Taskforce Ready to Take You Out

"No I've not had an accident in the last three years, and yes, I'm certain I don't want to take you up on your shady life-insurance offer". Who can save us from these unsolicited cold-callers, interrupting our mid-morning Jeremy Kyle viewing sessions and indadvertedly wearing out our Sky+ pause buttons? What we need is a dedicated, international collective of business practice regulators. A Justice League for stamping out crank callers, if you will. Read More >>

Mobile Networks Furious Over Huge Spectrum Price Hikes

Four of our mobile networks are in a sulk with communications regulator Ofcom, after it announced plans to raise the licensing fees paid to use existing mobile networks. It may mean more expensive calls for the likes of us. Read More >>

Ofcom Wants ISPs to Make Broadband Switching Quicker and Easier

Ofcom boss Ed Richards wants the UK ISPs to introduce new measures to make switching broadband provider much more straightforward, so we can enjoy flip-flopping between internet pipes with ease whenever a cheaper deal comes along. Read More >>

Two Per Cent of Web Users do Three-Quarters of the Illegal Downloading

Stats from UK telecom regulator Ofcom reveal that the piracy problem is perhaps a bit less widespread than is often claimed, with just two per cent of the UK's internet users responsible for three-quarters of all illegal downloads. Read More >>

No More Landline and Broadband Downtime When Switching ISPs, Says Ofcom

Phone industry regulator Ofcom is planning to simplify the rules covering switching landline and broadband providers, which should streamline the process and make the nightmare scenario that is losing your internet for a bit a thing of the past. Read More >>

The BBC's Spitting Out Five New Free HD Channels

The BBC's just announced that all of its TV channels are going HD. That means BBC News, Three, Four, CBBC and Cbeebies will all get HD versions pumped out across both satellite and Freeview for all your viewing pleasure. Read More >>

More Gs Coming as Ofcom Opens 2G and 3G Spectrum to 4G Networks

Telecom regulator Ofcom has rejigged the rules regarding 4G mobile networks in the UK, opening up more of the existing 2G and 3G spectrum for use with fancy new 4G services. Read More >>

Ofcom's Going to Tell Us Who the Fastest Networks Are, Once and For All

The networks spit out various speeds they reckon we should be getting. Maximum speeds we never come close to, as well as "average" speeds that always seem a tad optimistic. It seems Ofcom's become a bit sick of it, just like us. It's going to conduct its own tests, to officially tell one and all how fast each mobile network really is. Read More >>

Guess Which Broadband Provider Sucks the Most?

Ofcom has just published its shit list for ISPs: a little document detailing which broadband provider is the most bitched-about. The findings? Well, all the broadband providers need to up their game, apparently, but like a bad villain, the same ISP remains right at the back of the doghouse. Read More >>

We're Getting Some More 4G Spectrum By Stomping All Over Radio Enthusiasts

You want the good news first, don't you? Well, the UK will be bathing in an extra 105Mhz of 4G spectrum, if Ofcom has its dastardly way. The bad news? In order to have aforementioned dastardly way, Ofcom's got to kick 80,000 amateur radio enthusiasts off the spectrum. Sucks to be them, I guess. Read More >>

TalkTalk Wants Nanny Ofcom to Put BT on the Naughty Step

Ofcom has agreed to deeply and thoroughly probe BT's business practices, following complaints from TalkTalk that BT's been a naughty boy, charging third-party ISPs more than it should for access to their high-speed fibre-optic network. Read More >>

Vodafone Says Ofcom Changes May Trigger Spam Text Tsunami

Ofcom's looking into ways of stopping controversial mid-contract mobile price rises, with one option being to separate charges the networks are responsible for from ones outside of their control. This, says Vodafone, could mean non-stop SMS spam every time a sex chat line ups its fees. Read More >>

The 4G Auction Results Are In: Vodafone Wins Big

Yes, this is it folks. The auction's over after 50 rounds of bidding, and now the networks have up until midnight tonight to fork out the collective £2.3 billion odd in cash. But who won what, and how much? Seems Vodafone was on a full-on 4G crusade. Read More >>


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