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A Charming Adventure Around the World Animated With Office Supplies

A girl named Elastika lives in a world made of pins and elastic bands, but her escapades are a far cry from office-cubicle drudgery. Guillaume Blanchet takes her—and us—around the world in screeching cars, sinking ships, and even rockets. Can you catch all the famous sights that pop up? Read More >>

These Cartoon Drawings are Actual Pencil Cases

It might be hard to believe, but these colourful illustrations of 3D pencil cases are just an optical illusion. They're all real pencil cases that use bold lines and strategic angles to seem like they're 3D from the right angle. Read More >>

Tangram Sticky Notes Let You Leave a Message Without Writing a Word

If a picture's worth a thousand words, then this set of Tangram puzzle sticky notes let you leave a longer message than you could ever fit on a single Post-it note. The collection of angular shapes can be arranged into almost any shape you can think of, although a drop or two of artistic talent will certainly help. Read More >>

Your iPhone Can Search These Storage Boxes Without Having to Open Them

You know that stack of storage boxes buried deep in your closet that you're too lazy to dismantle to find that one item you're looking for? These boxes from King Jim feature a small tag on one side that lets you catalog photos of their contents, so when it's time to find something you can do all the searching from your iPhone or iPad. Read More >>

A Clip That Turns Any Stack of Paper Into a Homemade Notebook

Tired of waiting for Field Notes to release a notebook in your favorite colour? Take matters into your own hands with this simple £6 Eco Clip. All you need is a stack of letter or legal-sized paper and enough strength to fold it in half. Then you just slide the Eco Clip down onto the edge and bam—instant notebook. Read More >>

The Classic Bic Pen Now Works on Your Smartphone Display Too

Writing implements aren't going to be supplanted by touchscreen devices anytime soon. But that isn't stopping Bic from hedging its bets and ensuring its classic see-through plastic pens remain relevant. Read More >>

This Table isn't Complete Until You Decorate it With—Staples?

As the number of documents you need to print most likely diminishes year by year, you're probably finding that you don't use office accessories as quickly. Staples, for instance. But designer Nilly Mozer has come up with another way to use them up: A table really only complete once you've adorned it with rows and rows of staples. Read More >>

The Gradient Markings on This Ruler Are Visible on Light or Dark Paper

Here's a simple but rather clever design improvement for clear plastic rulers that most of us would have probably welcomed back in grade school. Nendo's new Contrast Ruler features metric markings that fade from black to white, so no matter what colour of surface you're working on and shows through, you can always easily discern the tick marks. Read More >>

Elastic Cubes Take Elastic Bands Into the Third Dimension

For some reason mankind has been happy to settle for elastic bands that only exist in two dimensions. So far they've served us mostly ok, but the talented designers at Nendo have realised that takes elastic bands into the third dimension vastly improves their usefulness. From securing rolled up documents, to binding together a bunch of pencils, it's just an all together better design. Read More >>

Static Cling Sticky Notes That Stick Without the Glue

Your standard Post-it note is a one sided, single use affair. You're free to flip it over and write on the back, of course, but then you can't actually stick it anywhere. The folks at EcoStatic Inc. figured they could do better, and they have, with a sticky note that relies on static electricity instead of adhesive to cling to flat surfaces, and one side is even erasable. Read More >>

Beef Jerky Business Cards Let Them Chew On Your Credentials

Though slowly becoming antiquated, the business card is still the easiest way to make a great first impression with a new contact. Your choice of design, fonts, even paper says a lot about you. So imagine the impression you'll leave when you hand someone your contact details laser-etched onto a piece of beef jerky—you'll soar up that corporate ladder. Read More >>

An Indestructible Marker Keeps You Vandalising Through the Apocalypse

Just because the world as we know it has come to an end doesn't mean that people won't want to read an amusing limerick written on a bathroom stall. And for just under £5, this Pocket Shark Tactical Marker is guaranteed to survive almost anything—from a Mad Max-style dystopia, to even a zombie uprising. Let's see your Sharpie do that. Read More >>

Silicone Pens Give You The Maintenance-Free Lawn You've Always Wanted

If you love the look of plants on your desk, but have a nasty habit of killing them through neglect, consider this faux greenery as an alternative. What look like tall blades of grass are actually unfortunately-named Pooleaf pens with long wisps of silicone coming off the end. Read More >>

Army Men Rubbers Bravely Fight the War On Error

When you're a student suffering through a boring and seemingly unending lecture, anything at your disposal can be a distraction. A pencil becomes a rocket, a ruler becomes a sword, and now your rubbers can become a small battalion of brave soldiers fighting boredom and mistakes. Read More >>

This Adorable Pencil Broom Lets You Sweep Mistakes Under the Rug

Perfect for those of us lacking the confidence to write in pen the first time, this pencil features a miniature broom head eraser on the end so you can just sweep away incorrect crossword puzzle answers, and poorly solved Sudoku puzzles. At almost £6 for a single pencil you're going to only want to sharpen this thing when it's absolutely worn down to a nub, but with ten times as much eraser as a standard pencil, you're free to make plenty of mistakes. [Artori Design via designboom] Read More >>

A One Kilo Cast Iron Tape Dispenser Guarantees One-Handed Operation

Any task requiring the use of clear tape would be a lot easier if you could snatch a strip of the sticky stuff with just one hand. And while there have been many complicated contraptions that promise exactly that functionality, Black+Blum have found a simpler approach that takes advantage of that perpetual force known as gravity. Read More >>


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