Microsoft Online is Headed for the Chrome Web Store

Microsoft's Office Online—the free, web-based version of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote—is headed for the Chrome Web Store as a series of apps. Read More >>

Microsoft Office Finally Comes to the iPad Today, and it's Free(mium)

It's coming up on a year(ish) since the original release of Microsoft Office for iOS, but in all that time there's been no iPad-specific version to be found. And now it's here as of noon today (PST), as a gift from Microsoft's new cloud-guru CEO Satya Nadella. Read More >>

Office Web Apps Becomes Office Online

Office Web Apps is now Office Online. Because it's a version of Office. Which is online. Office, online. Office Online! Read More >>

This Tiny Printer Only Prints What You Select On Your Screen

Do you feel guilty printing out an entire email when all you really needed was someone's address? King Jim's new compact Cocodori printer is designed for just those occasions. Using an included piece of software, it lets you highlight only specific areas of your screen for printing. And what you're left with is a receipt-sized note with an adhesive backing that you can even use as a sticky note. Read More >>

Apple's iWork May be Free, But It's Just a "Watered Down" Office Says Microsoft

Everyone loves a freebie, and Apple's announcement on Tuesday that the iWork productivity suite was to be offered up for free alongside its overpriced computing hardware brought balance to the Cupertino pricing Force. In Microsoft's eyes however, £Free is about all anyone should be paying for what it calls the "watered down" Office wannabe. Read More >>

iPhone Sticky Notes Are the Ideal Reminder, Even When Your Phone's Dead

The iOS App Store is filled to the brim with every kind of note-taking app you can imagine. But sometimes nothing beats a good ol' pen and paper. And that's what makes these Paperback sticky notes the perfect hybrid. They're designed to adhere to the back of your iPhone 5, so you can take a single note with you—like a shopping list—or slap a small stack back there for note-taking later. Read More >>

Microsoft Office for iOS is Live in the UK, and We've Got the Full Hands-On

After countless months of "will they" or "won't they," Microsoft has finally conceded to give iOS users their very own version of Office in app form. Most iOS users, that is. Assuming they want it in the first place, which is no safe assumption given its many, many limitations. Read More >>

Microsoft Office For iOS Is Here, Sort Of

After plenty of rumour and speculation, Microsoft has quietly launched its version of Office for iOS—but as of yet there's no iPad version. Read More >>

This Camouflaged Binder Pillow Is Comfier Than Napping on a Keyboard

The 'Zzz... Zzz...' label is probably a dead giveaway, but if you lived life to the fullest last night and just can't keep your eyes open at work, this camouflaged binder pillow will provide a few precious moments of shuteye at your desk. Created by the geniuses at Donkey Creative Lab, the pillow will set you back just £17, and with a bit of liquid paper and a Sharpie you can easily relabel it to a more convincing 'TPS reports' or just NOT 'Zzz... Zzz...' [Donkey Creative Lab via 7Gadgets] Read More >>

Do You Actually Need Word Anymore?

Google Drive now automatically syncs your files for offline editing, breaking the final stronghold of the traditional Office app. So, the time has come to ask the question: Do we really need anything but Google Docs anymore? Read More >>

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Blag Yourself Six Months of Free Microsoft Office With This Quick Hack

Microsoft's Office suite is a necessary evil for many of us. While we'd love to say we never need Word, PowerPoint, or sodding Excel, chances are you do, and quite often. Now a handy little hack lets you bag Office 365 free for a whole six months. Read More >>

Beautiful Collapsable Cubicles Are an Office Rat's Dream Come True

The cubicle is a horrid monster of office design. While it might be functional, it's never pretty to section off your office into endless false walls, resigning workers into their own little pockets of a giant ice cube tray. The designers at Taylor and Miller Architecture and Urban Design have a beautiful solution that even packs in some extra features. Read More >>

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This Coin-Firing Cardboard Pistol Turns Pocket Change into Ammo

Tweaking the design of his bizarre pump-action Oreo gun, Joerg Sprave has built a smaller version designed to take office warfare to the next level (if the next level is a long two-hour talk with human resources). Made only using stuff you'd find around the office—like cardboard, glue, staples, and rubber bands—the pump-gun is able to fire euro coins, or M5 washers. Read More >>

Steelcase Gesture: A Smartphone-Friendly Office Chair

Finally acknowledging that very few people actually sit in an office chair the way it was designed to be used, Steelcase has created a new chair that caters to all the wacky poses we strike when using various devices. So while the new Gesture can still be used with a traditional keyboard and monitor setup, it's also just as comfy for use with phones and tablets too. Read More >>

Error Message Sticky Notes For When You Really Need Someone's Attention

Years and years of personal computer use has conditioned humanity to feel a sense a dread, of worry, and stress, whenever they see a warning message. So if you need to leave someone a note that they absolutely can't ignore, what better way than with a pack of fake Windows error message sticky notes? Read More >>


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