Some Good Things Drones Can (Actually) Do

While everyone is freaking out about Amazon's plan to unleash an army of delivery drones on the world, it's important to remember that these flying robots can do much more than just move packages. Read More >>

Off-Shore Oil Rigs Have Been "Incapacitated" By Malware Thanks To Pirated Music and Porn

Hacks have been popping up all over the place recently. Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter, various news organisations. And off-shore oil rigs aren't to be left out. According to the Houston Chronicle, more than one of the things have been "incapacitated" by malware that can be traced back to the Internet's most common vices: pirated music and porn. Read More >>

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The Biggest Claw Game Plucks Oil Rigs from the Briny Deep

Though they weigh as much as 60,000 tons, the massive semi-submersible oil rigs dotting the Gulf of Mexico can still sink when faced with a hurricane's onslaught. And there's only one way to pull the rigs' 7,500 ton decks off the seafloor after such a catastrophe — with America's heaviest-lifting ship, the VB 10,000. Read More >>

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The Massive Deep-Water Drilling Rig Searching for Black Cuban Gold

Despite the Deep Water Horizon fiasco, deep-water drilling remains one of the world's primary sources of crude. And among deep drilling rigs, this 56,860 ton Scarabeo 9 is king. Read More >>


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