Rumour: Galaxy Note III Features "Unbreakable" Plastic Display

The next high-end whopper to emerge from Samsung's design labs might have an "unbreakable" plastic display, thanks to its engineers creating a glass-free OLED screen system that ought to survive any number of drops onto various hardy household laminated surfaces. Read More >>

LG's Curved OLED TVs Are Actually Going on Sale

When LG showed off the first curved 3D OLED screen at CES earlier this year, it was sure exciting — but seemed unrealistic as a commercial venture. Now, though, LG has announced that it's planning to sell the curvy TV. Read More >>

Samsung Offices Raided By Police Over Alleged LG Technology Theft

Police have raided one of Samsung's offices in Asan, South Korea, after being tipped off about the possible theft of OLED TV technology from rivals LG. Read More >>

LG's Monster 55" OLED TV Priced at £9,999.99 for the UK

If you want the biggest, bestest, thinnest and most expensive-est television in the land, you have until July to organise your funds. That's when LG is launching its 55EM970V over here, with the 55" OLED set now available for pre-order at, appropriately given its £10k price and luxurious nature, Harrods. Read More >>

LG Curved 3D OLED Hands-On: An Imax For Your House

LG just made the first curved 3D OLED screen. I just saw a crazy setup of three 55-inch beauties aligned side-by-side into a perfect cinematic curve. The effect is very dramatic. This could be the whole reason 3D and curved OLED exist. Read More >>

Panasonic Also Has a 4K OLED TV You Can't Buy (But It's Less Than an Inch Thick!)

Sony is going to sell a giant immaculate 4K OLED TV, someday, to kings and robber barons and various queens. Now Panasonic says it's doing the exact same thing. Read More >>

Got £10,000 and Change? You Can Now Buy Yourself That Gorgeous LG 55-Inch 4K OLED TV

LG's beaten its arch rival Samsung to the OLED-punch, with its brand new 55-inch 4K beauty. Finally, you can buy an OLED TV in a meaningful size (at least in South Korea), and make sure it's not junk in five years, because everyone keeps their TVs for more than five years right? Especially when you've got well over £10,000 to drop on a TV. Read More >>

The Gauntlet Is Down: LG Unveils 4K and OLED Sets for 2013

Early adopters will have something to crow about in the new year. LG has just announced its 2013 television lineup, which will be headlined by a massive, 84-inch 4K and 55-inch OLED sets. Read More >>

Sony Keeps Hush-Hush on the New HMZ-T2 Personal 3D Viewer

Anyone remember the HMZ-T1? No? Kinda? Err, that Sony 3D device you plonk on your head? Yes? Well, erm, Sony have quietly snuck in the next-generation of the HMZ series to IFA, which is dubbed the HMZ-T2, and not only does it looks pretty much exactly the same, but it also has very similar specs too. Hmm. Read More >>

Sony and Panasonic Join Forces to Make You a Cheap OLED TV

As rumoured, Sony and Panasonic have just signed a deal to form a partnership which will see them jointly developing large, low-cost, high-resolution OLED panels for TVs. Read More >>

Sharp's Future IGZO Displays Will Deliver 498PPI of Eye-Popping Pixel Density

If you thought the pixel density wars were going to stall out with Apple's 326ppi Retina display and its qHD cohorts, you are oh so mistaken. Sharp is working on their next-generation IGZO display technology, which includes a 6-inch display with a 2500x1600 resolution, good for a pixel density of 498ppi. Read More >>

LG's Gorgeous New OLED TV Is Coming to the UK, But You Probably Won't be Able to Afford It

LG's launched the world's largest and slimmest 55-inch OLED TV into Europe and I have to say, I seriously want one. It's just 4mm thick and weighs a featherlight 10kg -- perfect for my wall. There's a catch though, it's a stonking 8,000 euros (£6,400-odd). Ouch. Read More >>

Sony and Panasonic Working Together to Sell You a Cheap OLED TV?

Reports coming out of Japan make good reading for those still waiting for OLED tech to hit the TV market in reasonable numbers and for reasonable prices, with Panasonic and Sony said to be considering a joint venture to mass produce OLED sets. Read More >>

Sorry, You Probably Can't Afford Samsung's Gorgeous Super OLED TV of the Future

When we saw the gorgeous Samsung Super OLED TV at CES, we were stunned. We wanted it in our living room. We thought about stealing it. We wanted to buy it but turns out, we can't afford it. It's going to cost around £5,500. Read More >>

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Flexible Solar Panels Stack Cells on Sheets Printed Like OLEDs

Solar panels are finicky devices—they have to be specially mounted, angled, and presented with the precisely correct environmental conditions to function at capacity. The complexities make it hard for the technology to gain mainstream appeal. A German startup hopes to change all that with flexible solar cells built using OLED production techniques Read More >>

OLED Lights Will Make Future Audis Glow Like Jellyfish

Like a bioluminescent creature rising from the depths, these OLED lighting concepts from Audi are simply otherworldly. Eat your heart out, KITT. Read More >>


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