Google Sounds a Call to Arms to Keep the Internet Free

Google has launched an anti-propaganda site, designed to give open internet campaigners a platform from which to shout about the importance of keeping pale grey government hands off our web access rights. Read More >>

Qualcomm Joins LG's Cross-Platform Smart TV App Dream

LG's Smart TV Alliance has expanded, with a new selection of chipmakers and software developers joining the joint venture put together by LG, Philips and Toshiba, bringing hope of a future standard for smart TV apps. Read More >>

Ouya, the Android Gaming Console, Gets a Massive Kick In the Pants From OnLive

If you were in any doubt that the little Kickstarter-powered Android console-that-could was a real contender for the in-living room gaming crown, this should put that to rest. OnLive has just confirmed that it'll be partnering with Ouya and will be on the console from launch. Read More >>

Virgin and Vodafone Pull out of the UK's "Open Internet" Charter

Some UK ISPs have opted out of signing up to a scheme that would guarantee a full and open future for the internet. Virgin Media, Vodafone and Everything Everywhere are among those that aren't happy with the current wording of the agreement. Read More >>


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