You Would've Had More Fun Flicking Your Bedroom Lights On and Off Than Watching London's Shard Lightshow

We're not quite sure what we were expecting (something like Nokia's Deadmau5 lightshow extravaganza? Something like this?), but what we witnessed last night in London, as Europe's tallest building was officially "unveiled," was utterly disappointing. Perhaps it's the media's fault (and, err, ours?) for setting expectations so high, but as you can see in the video here, it was a severe let-down. Read More >>

The Shard Will Blast London With Massive Lasers Tomorrow Night

There's no doubt the Shard is certainly a striking piece of architecture, towering above the centre of our capital city like a massive crystal column. What better way to open it than with a massive laser and searchlight show that'll blast out across London tomorrow night? Read More >>

I'm the Guy Who Made Crisp Bags So Impossible to Open

I'm that guy. The guy that everyone hates. The guy who made it so difficult to open your bag of potato chips. And this is the story of how, when, and why I did it. Read More >>


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