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Latest Windows 8.1 Update Leaks Onto File-Sharing Sites

Microsoft's latest Windows 8.1 update has hit the web early ahead of its March release, letting those happy to take a punt on an unofficial, torrented version of the update check out what's in store for the divisive operating system. Read More >>

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How to Install SteamOS

Valve recently released its Beta version of SteamOS, based on the Debian distro of Linux. Naturally, we were intrigued by its release and wanted to take the new OS for a test run. We've put together a guide on how to install the operating system. Read More >>

Relive the '80s and Run Windows 1.01 in Your Browser

In these smartphone-studded days, it's easy to forget how computers worked. Once you had to run programs off of floppy disks and wait ages for everything to load. Luckily for your nostalgia, some bored developers are keeping the past alive with full-featured emulators that run in your browser. Read More >>

Why Making Mavericks Free Makes Perfect Sense

Yesterday, Apple not only released its OS X Mavericks operating system, it also announced that it would be free. That's great! For you, for Apple, and for the future of computing. Read More >>

Windows 8.1 Review: Little Changes Make a Big Difference

Hey remember Windows 8? How could you forget? It was the biggest upheaval in desktop computing in recent memory, and even if you're not a user, its big colourful tiles are on your radar. Now, with Windows 8.1, Microsoft is giving its flashy new OS a first facelift. The changes are minor, but they're more than the sum of their parts. Read More >>

ios 7
iOS 7 Motion Homescreens Making People Other Than Android Fans Sick

iOS 7 has been a major hit, with the flat-look redesign of Apple's mobile operating system already having been downloaded to over 200 million phones and tablets as of September 23rd. But it's not all been plain sailing for Jony Ive's new baby; iOS 7 is giving some users motion sickness. Read More >>

Watch Every Single Version of Windows Ever in One Exhaustive Video

A very patient soul spent hours and hours of his life installing each version of Windows from 1.0 to 8.0 Pro, then sped up the footage. The result? The entire history of the operating system condensed into just over an hour. Bonus points: Daft Punk's Random Access Memories as the soundtrack. Read More >>

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Why Android Updates Are So Slow

If there is one complaint we hear from Android users more than any other, it's the speed at which software updates arrive. Or don't arrive. It's especially tough on tech enthusiasts who read about all the advantages of the new update, but can't get it on their own devices for six months, if at all. Even brand new devices typically fail to launch with the latest version of Android. Read More >>

Report: Microsoft Blue Is Coming this Summer with Internet Explorer 11 Baked In

Rumours of Windows Blue—Microsoft's push for a routine, yearly upgrade cycle—have been lurking in the shadows for a while now, and have been all but officially confirmed by some recent job postings. As we're getting closer to its inevitable roll-out, even more is coming to light. According to The Verge, it's coming as early as this summer, complete with Internet Explorer 11. Read More >>

WSJ: Google Has Developed a Touchscreen Device Which Uses Chrome OS

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Google has developed a touchscreen laptop which runs its Chrome operating system — and suggests they'll go on sale later this year. Read More >>

Samsung Rumoured to Release Open-Source, Tizen-Based Phone in 2013

Samsung is a big player when it comes to making some of the most popular Android phones, but that doesn't mean they don't also like to dabble in their own, Google-free side-projects. According to Japan's Daily Yomiuri, Samsung aims to launch its first phone running the open-source Tizen operating system sometime in 2013. Read More >>

windows 8
Microsoft Changes Up Its Windows 8 Activation Policy To Curb The Rampant Piracy It Seems To Expect

OEMs that want to have the latest version of Windows on their machines are going to find that things are a little different this time around. The new process should be more secure, cutting down on any piracy that may or may not happen. Read More >>

London's City-Running "Smart OS" Beta Test Gets Underway

The so-called Urban OS will be tested in parts of London's Greenwich peninsula, a particularly dead and lifeless part of the city that's home to the depressing Dome. If it doesn't work no one will really notice. Read More >>

Can You Identify All The Operating Systems In The Restart Page?

I love The Restart Page: it faithfully reproduces the restart and shutdown sequences of most graphic user interface-based operating systems since the times of the original Macintosh System. See if you can identify them all. It's really perfect, sound included. Read More >>

windows 8
The Windows 8 Public Beta Rumoured for a February Release

TheNextWeb has sources at Microsoft telling them that the Windows 8 public beta will arrive in February of next year, though little is known about what new features might be included in the beta. Read More >>

A Decade On, Windows XP Is Still the World's Most-Used Desktop OS

Windows XP first went on sale ten years ago this week. In that span, it has become the desktop OS of choice with a worldwide install base of as much as 80 per cent. Here's looking at you XP. Read More >>


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