Micro-USB: One Thing the EU's Got Right

It seems pretty fashionable to whine about the EU nowadays, but while it agricultural subsidies might need a little re-thinking, there's one thing it's done right for humanity: the forced adoption of micro-USB, the best thing to happen to smartphones in the last five years. Read More >>

Humans Love Apple Events Because Humans Love Spaceships

Dan Lyons, the guy who used to be Fake Steve Jobs, has a story today that asks "once upon a time we put a man on the moon. Now we pee our pants over retina displays. WTF happened to us?" The answer is really easy: We're the same as we've always been. We love to watch things change. Read More >>

Please Stop Hauling Out Steve Jobs's Ghost

It is easy to speak for the dead—after all, they can't correct you. You can safely put words in the mouths of the deceased and trot their lifeless bodies out in public to wag a finger or nod in approval, with no fear that they'll complain. This is especially true of Steve Jobs. Read More >>

Hey Microsoft, Please Don't Let PC Makers Ruin Windows 8

The Windows 8 consumer preview is utterly delightful. But I have a huge suspicion that by the time it ships, it could completely suck. And that's because the people who make the machines on which it is installed will fuck it right up with a bunch of crap. Read More >>

It's Time to Exterminate the Mouse

If you're buying a new computer and it comes with a mouse, you're probably looking at a shitty machine bundled with a relic. The age of the mouse is over. Anyone pushing them with new computers is selling crap. Read More >>

iPhone 4S: I Am Disappoint

Straight up: I'm a little disappointed with the new iPhone 4S. I was hoping for more. My expectations were higher. I wanted something extra special, largely because I've been waiting for it for So. Very. Long. Read More >>


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