Israeli Vice Prime Minister Silvan Shalom Has Been Hacked by Anonymous

Anonymous, who has been trying to go after Israel, has swallowed a big fish: Israeli Vice Prime Minister Silvan Shalom. Anon has hacked his Facebook account and replaced the cover photo with a Free Palestine picture. Pretty embarrassing for a high ranking official! Read More >>

Anonymous Is Losing Its War Against Israel

While shells and interceptor missiles started flying between Israel and Gaza, Anonymous did what it does best: swore vengeance against a superpower. It had some swagger at first. But as the days go by, we're seeing a weak, confused Anon, not a group of Internet freedom fighters. Read More >>

Anonymous Destroys Israel By Taking Down Hundreds of Websites and Leaking Emails and Passwords

It looks like Anonymous followed up with its threat of digitally attacking Israel for taking military action in the Gaza strip. They've knocked down websites, deleted databases and have leaked e-mail addresses and passwords. It's a whopping takedown. Read More >>


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