Galileo Was Even Smarter Than We Thought

Galileo is perhaps best known as the guy who proved Copernicus right about the sun sitting in the centre of our solar system. But this proof would have been impossible without the improvements Galileo made to the telescope, which allowed him to see into the world beyond our planet like never before. And it turns out that these instruments might have been more advanced than we've ever given Galileo credit for. Read More >>

Superhero Tourists Will Love Sony's Awesome 3D Binocular Camcorder

You're looking at the Sony DEV-50V, an overhauled version of the pricey multi-gadget Sony announced at IFA a few years ago. The sophisticated optical set has a brand new beautiful look. And the guts inside are nuts: They're part 25x zoom digital binoculars, part sophisticated 3D camcorder, and all kinds of crazy expensive. Read More >>

3D-Printed Optics Could Light Up the Gadgets of the Future

3D-printing is awesome, but it has its limits. For the time being, we mostly get static plastic figures, and while resolution is getting better all the time, we're far from a real replicator future. A new development is bringing us one step closer, however: printable optics. Read More >>

15 Ophthalmological Marvels That Make Your Eyesight as Clear as Your Hindsight

They may look as ridiculous as they sound, but Phoropters are essential eye-doctoring devices. These overgrown binoculars help optometrists measure an individual's refractive error, more commonly known as your eyeglass prescription, since the 19th Century. Our friends at Oobject have collected the very best examples of phoropters since the Victorian Era. Read More >>

monster machines
This Weed-Killing Robot Dispatches Dandelions with 98 Percent Accuracy

A prototype weed-seeking automaton could change the way seven billion humans eat, as well as help to end industrial agriculture's reliance on toxic herbicides and itinerant labor. Read More >>

Tupac Hologram Wasn't a Hologram

Oh Pac, you've duped us once again. It turns out that disquieting hologram burning its way across Coachella and the entire internet wasn't an actual hologram at all: just a reflection using a 19th century magician's tricks. Read More >>


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