What Is This Mystery LG Phone?

Twitter leaker-supreme @evleaks has been at it again, posting photos of a buttonless, 5.5-inch phone bearing the LG logo, a very blue screen, and not a hell of a lot else. Read More >>

Can't Buy a Nexus 4? Hack an LG Optimus G Into One Instead

A hack has been released that lets users turn an LG Optimus G into a perfect simulation of a Nexus 4, removing LG's custom interface from the Optimus G and sticking it on the standard, untouched default Android code we see on Nexus devices. Read More >>

LG Optimus G Review: A Speedster That Gets in Its Own Way

Say this for the Optimus G: it doesn't skimp. LG went for broke to shake off its mid-range reputation, cramming its latest flagship Android phone full of goodies. But specs don't always equal performance. Read More >>

The LG Optimus G Slides into the UK 4G Line Up

Remember that new 4G, Snapdragon S4 Pro quad-core-equipped LG phone with a 13-MP shooter, which we heard about the other week? It's coming to the UK, but not until early next year, right in time for the 4G auctions. It still looks like a boring slab-of-a-phone though, just faster. [The Inquirer] Read More >>

LG Might Finally Have a 4G Phone Worth Lusting Over

LG's rumoured 4G, Snapdragon S4 Pro quad-core equipped, 13MP-shooter packing beast-of-a-phone, has just been confirmed. It's a 4.7-incher, with a retina-like HD screen with in-cell touch making it super thin too. This could be one LG phone to truly lust over. Read More >>


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