One Neil Diamond Album Download Hits Teacher With £2,600 Roaming Data Bill Shocker

A lady who fancied listening to a bit of Neil Diamond while on holiday in South Africa was royally ripped off in roaming fees from network Orange, which managed to charge her a staggering £8 per MB in mobile data costs. Total cost to download one album over the mobile network? £2,600. Read More >>

EE, T-Mobile and Orange Award Themselves 2.7 Per Cent Contract Pay Rise

The mobile conglomerate responsible for running EE, Orange and T-Mobile in the UK is god-damn SICK of bravely protecting us from supplier price rises and inflationary pressures, and has finally, despairingly, decided it's time to pass a 2.7 per cent cost increase on to its users. Read More >>

T-Mobile Customers' Pay-As-You-Go Minutes, Data and Texts Wiped Out By Glitch

Pay-as-you-go minutes, texts and data have become "where-did-they-go?" minutes, texts and data for T-Mobile customers this week, as a glitch in the network operator's systems has seen its customers suffering from disappearing pay-as-you-go bundles. Read More >>

Half of Loyal Brits Have Never Changed Mobile Phone Network

Just as we're loyal to our underperforming League Two football teams, so to do we Brits stick loyally to our mobile phone networks. For better, for worse, in sickness and in health, half of British mobile users have never changed mobile operator. Read More >>

EE's Six-Month Smartphone "Swap" 4G Upgrade Deal...Isn't That Much of a Deal

EE and its T-Mobile/Orange buddies are now offering smartphone nuts an easy way to upgrade to the newest phone through a plan it calls 'Swap', letting you buy a new 4G model for a one-off fee as soon as six months into a contract. Read More >>

I Can't Believe This Alien Orange Bubble Sky Actually Happened on Earth

The sky is blue! Only when it's not grey. Or purple. Or red. Or orange. The clouds are white! Only when they're not grey. Or even darker than that. Basically, the clouds and sky can be anything. But can the sky be a creamsicle orange bubbly thing that looks like we're on an alien planet? Apparently so. Read More >>

Do You Actually Need to Spend More Than £100 on a Smartphone?

You have absolutely no spare cash. You don't want a contract. You've got a sellable old phone. You want a decent smartphone. And yes, you're a cheapskate. Can you buy a perfectly usable smartphone for the princely sum of £100? Read More >>

Got a Samsung Galaxy S III on Orange? Jelly Bean's Finally Here For You

Well, that didn't take long now did it? We've no idea why Orange took its sweet-arse time with it, but Jelly Bean is finally available for your Samsung Galaxy S III. Better late than never, I guess. Fire up Kies and check for updates. [TechRadar] Read More >>

Man Claims Orange Charged Him £6,875 to Download One TV Programme

Painter and decorator Chris Wilson got a bit of a shock when he came to pay his latest mobile bill, with the kind lady from Orange giving him advance warning something bad was about to happen -- then asking for £6,875 to settle his monthly bill. Read More >>

Is Your 3G Crap Now EE's Launched 4G?

Reports are coming in that people on Orange and T-mobile have been suffering from really crappy 3G service ever since EE launched its 4G network. Apparently, actually getting data down the pipe has gotten increasingly, infuriatingly difficult. Has EE somehow forsaken its old 3G service for the shiny new 4G? Read More >>

Virgin's Tied the Knot With EE and Vodafone For Free Tube Wi-Fi

After that little leak we saw this morning from EE, Virgin's gone ahead and officially announced a partnership with both EE, including Orange and T-mobile customers, and Vodafone, as well as pay as you go plans starting at £2-per-day from next year, for its London Tube Wi-Fi network. Read More >>

Facebook Is Launching a Numberless "Social Calling" Service

Tech Crunch is reporting that Facebook is teaming up with carriers to provide a "social calling" service. Initially striking up a deal with Orange France, it seems the service will allow friends to make voice calls without knowing each other's numbers. Read More >>

EE's 4G Network Will Officially Go Live On October 30th

EE's just announced that its 4G network will be switched on for public consumption on October 30th. That means there's just 27 days to wait till you can finally ride the sweet, sweet waves of blazing 4G, either directly with a new EE contract, or by switching from your current Orange or T-Mobile plan. Read More >>

You Can Now Buy 4G Phones In the UK...Only, Without a 4G Network

EE's unleashed some of its line of 4G-enabled phones for purchase, meaning you can now snap up an iPhone 5, a Samsung Galaxy S III LTE, a HTC One XL or a Huawei Ascend P1 LTE on either Orange or T-Mobile. Of course, you can't actually use 4G just yet, but at least you're prepped for the switch, right? Read More >>

How Do I Get 4G on My Brand New iPhone 5?

So, now that the iPhone 5 pre-orders are up, EE's been in touch to clarify the rather clear-as-mud situation concerning Orange and T-Mobile and grabbing 4G service on EE's new LTE network for the iPhone 5, or any other 4G-capable phone. Here's the lowdown, but the long and short of it is, go with 3G on EE's legacy networks and then swap when 4G's available. Read More >>

You Can Now Pay For Things Using Your NFC-Equipped Galaxy S III In the UK (and Get Free Money too)

It might not be a full-blown Google Wallet, but as of tomorrow you'll be able to contactlessly pay for things using your Galaxy S III, thanks to Orange and Barclaycard's Quick Tap. All you need is a Galaxy S III; a MasterCard or Visa, and money in the bank, then you'll be able to fritter away your hard earned cash on everything from beer to gadgets. Read More >>


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