PS4 Could Launch in November, Alongside PlayStation Cloud Online Streaming Tools

Yet more rumours regarding what Sony will/won't say at today's supposed PS4 unveiling have appeared, with sources claiming the machine will launch in two separate hardware versions for around £280 and £340. Read More >>

Sony Said to be Aiming at £299 Price Point for PS4

Building Sony's next-gen home console out of PC components looks like it'll have a significant effect of the machine's retail price, with reports claiming it'll arrive with a tag of less than £300. Much better than PS3's disastrous £425. Read More >>

Sony's PS4 Development Kits Arrive With AMD Chipsets and Blu-ray

Seemingly reliable sources inside video game developers have confirmed that Sony's PS4 development hardware, currently codenamed Orbis, has arrived, with an early, AMD-based kit now in the hands of the car and shooting game makers of the world. Read More >>

AMD-Made PlayStation4 May As Well Come With a Dell Badge On It

Yet more rumours regarding Sony's upcoming PS4 have appeared today, filling in some of the details regarding the machine's previously leaked AMD internals. Read More >>


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