The OS X Apps Affected by Apple's Unpatched Security Flaw

While Apple recently patched a major security flaw for iOS, the same vulnerability continues to affect OS X. Until Apple releases a fix—which it says will come "very soon"—here are some of the apps you should avoid using on public Wi-Fi. Read More >>

Why Apple's Huge Security Flaw is So Scary

On Friday, Apple quietly released iOS 7.0.6, explaining in a brief release note that it fixed a bug in which "an attacker with a privileged network position may capture or modify data in sessions protected by SSL/TLS." That's the understated version. Another way to put it? Update your iPhone right now. Read More >>

This Code Will Nuke Pretty Much Any App on a Mountain Lion-Running Mac

Here's something a little weird and potentially hilariously fun -- there's a little eight-character code that causes pretty much any app on a Mac to crash, instantly. Writing said code, which we had to put in an image using a Windows machine, will cause your app to crash, losing anything open. Read More >>

Is Apple Looking to Morph Bookshelves Into Launchpad?

Another day, another patent: according to this one, Apple wants to incorporate a book-case (which you might just recognise from iBooks) into OS X's app launcher. Is this another sign that Apple's slowly drawing its operating systems together, or just the latest in a long, long line of patents out of Cupertino? Read More >>

This Is the New Touchscreen MacBook Pro Tablet

After the teasers yesterday, Modbook has officially busted out its new touchscreen MacBook Pro, and it's a looker. The Modbook Pro will be available in the autumn, complete with a brand new "ForceGlass" screen that apparently feels like paper. Read More >>

Apple Softens Its Virus Immunity Claims

Apple's quietly changed the wording on its site regarding OSX's virus protection a tad. Looks like Apple's hand was forced by the embarrassing Flashback botnet attack last month and its tardy response. Macs aren't quite as invulnerable as Apple used to boast. Read More >>

OS X Mountain Lion Coming in July With Power Nap, Dictation and Added iCloud Integration for £14

We saw a fair amount of OS X Mountain Lion when Apple dropped its developer preview a few months ago. And not only will the £14 download bring all the iOS-ified features promised to all the OS X machines you own, it will also serve up more than 1700 new APIs, added iCloud functionality, a redesigned Safari, Siri-like dictation capabilities, along an all new feature — Power Nap. Read More >>


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