If You Were Waiting For an iMessage, It's Probably Not Going to Get Through

It looks like a load of Apple services are borked right now. So, if you're waiting for something important, best check by, you know, phoning or something. iMessage, iCloud documents, backup, Photo Stream, and iPhoto Journals all seem to be down and have been for some six hours or so. [Apple via Apple Insider] Read More >>

Three's Phone Network is Borked In Scotland and the North

Unlucky Scots and northerners seem to have been without phone service on Three for at least 24 hours, with all reports seemingly indicating users are still having issues this morning. The weird thing is it's not data this time, it's the ability to actually, you know, make a call that's all screwed up. I'm not quite sure how you'd even notice. Read More >>

Three's 3G Data Network Is Having Serious Issues Today (Updated)

It looks like Three's data network is down or being intermittent for a load of people right now. We can personally verify that data has been buggered overnight and all morning on Three, but calls and texts are still getting through. Read More >>

Is Your EE Phone's Data Buggered? (Updated)

We're getting reports that EE's suffering a data outage across the country, with customers on the 4G EE network (not T-mobile or Orange for now), being hit with no data access. Is this happening to you? Read More >>

Microsoft Blames 16-Hour Email Outage on an Overheating Data Centre

Microsoft's email service suffered a massive 16-hour outage yesterday, which saw users unable to access parts of SkyDrive, Hotmail, and Outlook, too. Microsoft has revealed that it was a result of a mischievous firmware upgrade — which caused "a rapid and substantial temperature spike in the datacentre". Read More >>

Natwest and RBS Were Apparently Borked Yet Again Last Night

I'm not sure why, but Natwest and RBS aren't exactly doing a stand-up job of, well, standing up. Both banks had their cards, cash machines, online, and phone banking go tits-up last night. Apparently loads of people had their cards swallowed by ATMs and everything, but did you even notice? Read More >>

The Apple Store is Down, Everyone Run and Hide

Oh my God, I can hardly believe it. We all woke up this morning to find that the Apple Store is down! Who knows what's coming -- probably absolutely nothing. Unlike other companies, Apple has to take its store offline to change anything, so it's probably just maintenance. But maybe there's some sort of revolutionary new thing coming, or maybe even an apology for making such a botch-up of iOS 6.1? We can only hope. [Apple] Read More >>

BlackBerry Down, Again

RIM's really not helping itself here, or is it Vodafone's fault? No one seems to know. All we do know is that BlackBerry users on Vodafone across Europe, Africa and Asia, including the UK, are having issues. No push email, no web, no nothing. Great. [Reuters, Twitter] Read More >>

Calls and Data Not Getting Through? O2's Having Issues Right Now

It looks like O2's network is down for both data and calls for some people. It seems it's limited to certain phone numbers and not region specific, so you might be one of a very unlucky minority, or one of the fortunate majority, if you're trying to dodge a call from your boss that is. Read More >>

Wikipedia Went Down Because Some Idiot Cut Some Cables

Yesterday, everyone's go-to online source for free information (cited or not) was knocked offline for a couple of hours, thanks to a bunch of accidentally cut cables near a data centre in Florida. Read More >>

Natwest Outage Strikes Again, While Nationwide Also Has "Issues"

Oh dear, it looks like it's really not a good time to be a Natwest or Nationwide customer. After the debacle Natwest had last month, its debit cards and online banking are borked again, while Nationwide saw over 700,000 people hit with bank account-emptying duplicate payments. Read More >>

O2 Says Sorry For the Outage With Compensation For All (Update: and GiffGaff)

O2 suffered a serious network outage that ran over two days last week, cutting 100,000s of users off from their mobile data, text and calling fix. To say sorry, every O2 customer is going to get a £10 voucher, plus those who were directly affected by the cock-up are going to get 10 per cent back on their bill. Read More >>

O2 Could Skip Legal Trouble For Massive Blackout

O2 sure has had a fun few days, with up to a third of customers being hit with the blackout and many customers have lobbed complaints at them, but it seems like the network provider could escape legal trouble completely due to a couple of carefully written statements in the terms of service. Read More >>

O2 Outage Meant Tagged Criminals Could Roam Around Free

The recent O2 outage may very well be fixed now, but according to the Sun, criminals tagged with a probationary curfew may have been able to roam around freely whilst the network suffered from nationwide problems. Read More >>

O2 Shows Us Just How to Deal With a Network Catastrophe and Twitter Abuse

Yep, O2's been suffering through a serious network issues for the last 24 hours or so; no data, no texts, no voice -- that's pretty much you cut off. Thankfully it's now all fixed, but in the meantime it's given us a master class of how to deal with the public and Twitter abuse. Read More >>

The BBC Goes Down In Sympathy For O2

It seems O2's not the only one having outage issues of late, the BBC of all places was down last night too, with both the main site and iPlayer being yanked offline. The BBC going down, O2 borked, and the main road from Heathrow into London shut -- looks like we're truly ready for the Olympics. Read More >>


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