Well, This Ouya Advert Is a Little Extreme

With all the talk of the PS4 and Xbox One at Gamescom at the moment, the little Android console that couldn't seems to be getting a bit jealous of all the attention the big boys are getting. So, what's the best way of getting a little love? With a hideously extreme advert, of course. Yuck. Shame the console's not any good. [YouTube via Kotaku] Read More >>

Amazon Set to Crush All Android Consoles With... Android Console?

Rumour has it that mighty offshore money machine Amazon might be planning to launch its own Android-powered gaming machine, which would put its existing standalone Android app and game store to good use -- and smash the competition into billions of Chinese-made pieces. Read More >>

Ouya Late Delivery Mess Earns Early Backers Free Shop Credit

The founder of successful crowd-funded games machine Ouya has apologised to early backers, after some who threw their money into the Kickstarter pot in the early days were left frustrated when consoles hit shops before their machines arrived. Read More >>

Does Anyone Actually Bother Buying Ouya Games?

It seems barely anyone who owns an Ouya is actually paying for their games, because some 73 per cent of players haven't paid a single penny for any game at all. Ouch. Read More >>

lightning review
Ouya Review: This £99 Console is as Laggy as You'd Expect

The Ouya, a £99 games console powered by Android which raised over £8.5 million in Kickstarter pre-orders, was supposed to smash open the games industry and bring more indie classics to the living room. Sadly, it just doesn't live up to the hype. Read More >>

Will You Buy an Ouya Now It's Available in the Shops?

The Android gaming sensation that is Ouya is now available from traditional stores, including Amazon and Game. Trouble is, they're rapidly selling out all over the place for £99 a pop. Plus not all the early backers have got theirs yet, which has got to hurt. Will you be scouring the interwebs in search of one? Read More >>

Seven Almost-Worthy Xbox Alternatives

Last night, Microsoft unleashed, with no fanfare and minimal ado, the Xbox One. From the looks of things, it's shaping up to be a titan of the living room, but maybe with a little less focus on games than some had hoped. Handily, we live in one of those capitalist societies famed for competition, so there's a slack handful of competitors waiting in the wings. Read More >>

Here's What $100 Worth of Gaming Console Looks Iike Inside

Oh hai, Kickstarter success story. So this is what it looks like when you disassemble an open-platform Android console. Today, we get to look deep within this animal's soul thanks to our friends at iFixit. Read More >>

Co-Creator of Portal Working on Exclusive Ouya Game Soul Fjord

You might be expecting a sci-fi shooter from the co-creator and lead designer of Portal. But you'd be wrong. In fact, you'd be as wrong as it's possible to be, as the newest product from Aritight Games is actually a 70s funk themed rhythm-action dungeon adventure. Yes. Yes it really is. Read More >>

Will Ouya Beat the Apple TV to the Streaming TV App Pie?

We've been saying for years all the Apple TV needs are channel-specific streaming TV apps and it'd be truly awesome. Now Ouya's CEO has come out and basically said that the mini Android console should come packing a load of streaming apps from major publishers and she's "talking to everyone". Read More >>

Ouya Will Flash Us on March 28th and Get Online Multiplayer Gaming By the Year End

Managed to get in at the ground floor with the Ouya? Then you probably don't care that the rest of us will only catch a glimpse of it at an official March 28th launch, because you'll have your own Ouyas landing in your laps. But you might be interested to learn that you should be able to do a spot of online multiplayer gaming before the year's out. Read More >>

Ouya Android Console Shipping to Initial backers on March 28th

The Ouya fun-cube is about to attach itself to the TVs of early adopters, with the maker announcing it'll ship finished units to Kickstarter backers on March 28th. Couple that with an ever-expanding games list and a forthcoming full retail launch and you have what might be the most disruptive event the games industry has ever seen. Or a cheap thing that plays sub-par mobile tat and swiftly disappears. Time will tell. [Ouya] Read More >>

Ouya Games-in-Progress List Currently Stands at a Whopping 481

Fans of the Ouya console have been keeping track of developments in the console's list of forthcoming games, with an enormous forum posting currently tracking nearly 500 titles said to be hitting the little Android games machine. Read More >>

Ouya's Going to Force All Games to Have Proper Trials

Score one for the consumer. Ouya's come out and said that all games that are compatible with the system will be forced to have free-to-play periods, which are basically demos, so you can try before you buy. No more coughing up good money only to find you've just bought absolute rubbish. Read More >>

Ouya's Hardware Will Be Updated Every Single Year

Ouya's CEO Julie Uhrman has announced that the company's console will buck the trend of most gaming devices, which are infrequently updated, instead offering a new version of the hardware every single year. Read More >>

Ouya Hitting the Big Old Shops from June

The maker of the rampantly successful Ouya Android console has filled out its plans for launch, revealing that the cheap little gaming machine ought to explode when it hits the mighty Amazon this June. Read More >>


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