Kick Your Raspberry Pi Into Turbo Mode to Make It 50 Per Cent Faster

Got a Raspberry Pi, but wish it was, well, a little bit faster? Your wish is the Pi Foundation's command. Meet "turbo mode" which dynamically overclocks your Pi giving you a 50 per cent boost when you need it, without voiding your warranty. A quick game of Quake 3 anyone? Read More >>

Origin's Insane New Gaming Laptops Are as Fast as They Are Pretty

Origin's been one of the craziest overclocking outfits around for a while now, but its laptops haven't been really, let's say, aesthetically pleasing. Its latest rigs got the Ricky Lake makeover treatment, though, but not at the cost of raw arsekicking power: they still clock in at a ridiculous 4.5GHz. Read More >>


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