This Headset Claims to Be Able to Overclock Your Brain

Do you wish you could think and react faster? Without taking drugs? Well good news, because this new "" headset reckons it can speed you up by firing electricity into your noggin. Yes, really. Read More >>

Intel's Greatest New CPU Already Overclocked to 7 GHz

It's coming later than we'd like, but Intel's impending superchip looks like it's going to be worth the wait — especially if you're a speed addict. As in processor speed, not amphetamines. Read More >>

One Dude Beats AMD's Overclocking World Record (8.46 GHz!)

Just last month, AMD staged an event to squeeze an amazing 8429.38 MHz out of its FX-8150 processor. The highest-clocked CPU in the world—it was a big production. And now they've been beaten by a team of one. Read More >>


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