BitTorrent's P2P Streaming Is Here to Take the Lag Out of Live Video

Livestreams are great and all, but they're all subject to a terrible reality: the more people who want to watch, the more likely it is the stream goes down. BitTorrent's P2P streaming service BitTorrent Live stands to change all that by actually drawing strength from the crowd, and it's here to start shaking up the scene. Read More >>

Japan's Government is Seeding Fake Files on P2P Networks With Anti-Piracy Plea Inside

Japan's Ministry of Internal Affairs has been placing fake pirated material up on the country's most popular file-sharing networks, which attempt to shame media-stealers into changing their ways by delivering a polite warning once downloaded. Read More >>

Skype and Other VOIP Services Throttled to Death by EU ISPs

The speed limiting crackdown on P2P services and other bandwidth-hogging downloading systems is extending to VOIP, with an EU telecoms regulator finding the throttling of VOIP connections to be a "common" practise across Europe. Read More >>

Is uTorrent Coming to Android?

There are plenty of things iOS can do that Android can't—Siri and Facetime, for example. However, Andorid may soon be getting its own exclusive feature: P2P file sharing courtesy of uTorrent, the most-used torrent client in the Western World. Read More >>

BitTorrent Inventor: My Goal Is to Kill Off Television

Torrent sites have been having a turbulent time recently, but that doesn't bother BitTorrent inventor Bram Cohen. Instead, he's insistent that peer-to-peer sharing is the future of the way we consume media. Read More >>


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