Is This Weird Little Blob the Future of Bottled Water?

We get it. Our love of drinking water from disposable plastic bottles is a problem, enough of a problem that San Francisco actually wants to ban them. But then what will we drink water out of? Ooho, which is a biodegradable membrane made of brown algae, is an interesting idea. Read More >>

Plastic Food Packaging Could be Poisoning Us, Warn Scientists

The acres of plastic that wraps our food stuff and stops it going limp could be causing long-term damage to our health, according to researchers, with nasty stuff -- including tiny does of formaldehyde -- leeching from packaging into the stuff we consume. Read More >>

This Could Be the Biggest Amazon Package Ever

Amazon is well-known for its habit of delivering small items in gigantic packages. But this parcel has to be perhaps the biggest that Bezos & Co. have ever had to ship. Read More >>

Veuve Clicquot's New Packaging Transforms Into Its Own Bottle Chiller

Champagne is for celebrating. But what sort of shoddy celebration would it be if it were warm? Veuve's thinking ahead this holiday season with a new "Fashionably Clicquot" package that quickly transforms into a handy—and handsome!—ice bucket. Read More >>

Are These Real iPhone 5Cs Ready and Waiting to Ship?

The iPhone 5C has either been the worst leak-fest out of Apple yet, or the biggest bait-and-switch in the history of phones. Either way, we've got a couple of more spy shots purporting to show the iPhone 5C in various colours, packaged and ready to ship out of China. It basically looks like an iPod touch in that plastic bubble. Read More >>

How the Design of Soft Drink Cans Have Changed Over Time

Things change over time. Famous logos morph from black and white text into ornately embossed colourful graphics. Home screens go from a few icons to pages and pages. Phones go from bricks with numbers to slates with touchscreens. It's just what happens. Little tweaks become overhauls. Just look at how your favourite soft drink cans have transformed. Read More >>

Why Is Amazon's Packaging So Dumb?

We've all had it happen to us: order a small item from Amazon, only to have it arrive in what seems to be the world's biggest box. What gives, Bezos? Read More >>

The Walking Dead: Season 3 on Blu-ray Comes In This Creepy Cabinet of Zombie Heads

If you're thinking about starting a collection of limited edition Blu-ray sets for your favourite movies and TV shows, you better make sure you've got ample shelf space in your home entertainment centre for a bunch of disembodied zombie noggins. Read More >>

Apple Patent Shows iPhone Packaging Which Turns Into a Dock

Unboxing videos may be getting a hell of a lot more interesting if this patent, which stipulates packaging that becomes a usable dock, becomes a reality. The filing shows a box which looks akin to the current device packaging which Apple thinks could be big enough to dock a smartphone or a portable computing tablet. Read More >>

iPhone 5 Design Allegedly "Confirmed," While Dodgy Packaging Leak Says "New iPhone" Only

Pinch of salt time, but according to "reliable sources" talking to iMore, what we've seen in all the iPhone 5 leaks is the real, final design out of Apple. But according to some supposedly leaked dodgy-looking packaging, Apple could just call it the "new iPhone," at least on the box. Read More >>

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The E.T. Anniversary-Edition Blu-ray Packaging Is Completely Ridiculous and Awesome

It's been 30 years since the world's most loveable extra-terrestrial made its debut on the silver screen, and to celebrate the anniversary, the film is being released on Blu-ray with what has to be some of the most over-the-top and brilliant re-packaging ever. Read More >>

Sacrilege: Coca-Cola Will Soon Be Sold In Bottle-Shaped Eco-Friendly Plastic Bags

Apparently in many parts of Central America, expensive soda drinks like Coca-Cola are served up in plastic Ziploc bags—instead of glass or plastic bottles—so they're more affordable. And so the iconic and highly recognisable shape of the Coke bottle isn't lost, the sugar water maker has created these Coca-Cola bags as a low-cost alternative to its traditional packaging. Read More >>

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Please Someone Make This Self-Destructing Packing Tape Before I Break Another Nail

You wanna know why opening a package is so thrilling? Because it's a bloody epic poem just to get the box open. By the time you're in, you'd be excited by packing peanuts and nothing else. Read More >>

I'm the Guy Who Made Crisp Bags So Impossible to Open

I'm that guy. The guy that everyone hates. The guy who made it so difficult to open your bag of potato chips. And this is the story of how, when, and why I did it. Read More >>

Now This Is How You (Hypothetically) Redesign the Pringles Can for the 21st Century

Pringles might be delicious, but its unique can-shaped packaging makes it difficult to enjoy an entire stack when your hands can't squeeze down the tube. Not exactly an Earth-shattering problem, but we're still glad there are young designers willing to tackle the issue. Read More >>

Apple Packing Is So Good Because They Employ A Dedicated Box Opener

Anyone who's purchased anything from Apple in the last decade knows how beautiful an experience unboxing their products is. In fact, there's a small team at Apple who take the subject very, very seriously. Read More >>


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