Asus Padfone Hands On: A Sleek Two-For-One Device That Makes You Pay for Both

If it were sold without its tablet dock, you might give the Padfone phone a second look all on its own. It's really pretty, after using it for a few minutes, it's just as powerful and smooth as any other flagship Android phone coming out, like the Optimus G Pro or the HTC One. Read More >>

The Asus Padfone Has Finally Come of Age

Asus has just announced the latest version of its previously awkward Padfone—but this time round, it seems that the hardware might live up to previous promises. Read More >>

Asus Threatens to Launch a Windows Phone 8 Padfone

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Asus is in talks to license Windows Phone 8. Don't get too excited, though, because the Taiwanese manufacturer thinks its doomed Padfone is the ideal vehicle for the OS. Read More >>

The New Padfone Lets It All Hang Out

The Asus Padfone took 12 months to arrive on the market after it was first announced. Now, for multi-tasking device lovers everywhere, there's a new version of the smartphone powered tablet — and it seems to want to show off its insides. Read More >>

The Asus Padfone Is as Confused as Its Name Suggests

There were rumours last year about ASUS releasing a strange, form-changing phone-come-tablet. Those rumours are now reality; say hello to the Padfone, the latest in a rash of schizophrenic mobile handsets. Read More >>

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