Pain-Scanning Computer Can Tell if You're Really Hurting on the Inside

A team at the University of Toronto has developed a computer system that's able to differentiate between real and fake pained facial expressions, with the code apparently able to do a better job than humans at telling if we're really in pain or just lying about it for attention and biscuits. Read More >>

Scientists Turn Off Pain Using Nothing But Light

Pain is a hard problem. Sure, we can throw a little morphine at pain in the short term, but researchers continue to struggle with solutions for chronic pain. New research from Stanford's futuristic Bio-X lab looks like a light at the end of the tunnel—literally. Read More >>

Jamaican Dancehall Musicians Pioneer Insane Eyeball Tattoo Craze

Derick Walters, a man who sings in a dancehall stylee under the slightly more glamorous name of Mace, has apparently become the latest Jamaican singer to take part in the bewilderingly fashionable concept of the eyeball tattoo. That's a tattoo, only IN AND ON YOUR EYE. Read More >>

A New Drug Could End Chronic Pain Forever

Treating pain is a tricky business — especially when it comes to the chronic, perpetually debilitating kind. For things like back injuries, osteoarthritis, and bone cancer, you're really only left with two options: deal with the often dangerous, unpredictable side-effects of prescription painkillers or suffer through it. But all that might change soon thanks to a Moroccan "cactuslike plant" and its toxins potential to kill localised pain — forever. Read More >>

What Hurts More: Child Birth or a Kick in the Balls? Science Answers.

In response to that one debate you had way back in health class that ended abruptly because there wasn't nearly enough coffee or cigarettes in the teacher's lounge to put up with that crap, and really, jesus christ these children; ASAP Science has attempted to answer who has it worse: women in child birth, or men who have been kicked in the junk. Read More >>

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Which Hurts More, AC or DC Electricity?

If you mange to get yourself electrocuted, you probably won't care too much what type of electricity is pumping through your body. But this video takes a playful look at whether AC or DC current will hurt more when that day comes. Read More >>

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Watch Men Cringe and Cry in Pain As They Go Through a Simulation of Giving Birth

Women have the ultimate trump card when it comes to dealing with pain: they give birth. And since men have no idea what giving birth even feels like, we really don't know how painful it is. Maybe it's all a big conspiracy (kidding!). Maybe it's not that bad (of course it is!). Well, two men attached themselves to a machine that simulates labour pains and um, it ain't pretty. It looks torturously gruesome. Thank you women everywhere. Thank you. Read More >>

New Study Suggests Crustaceans Actually Do Feel Pain—Delicious, Delicious Pain

A new study in the Journal of Experimental Biology revealed some equally terrible news for shellfish and Red Lobster enthusiasts alike: crabs experience pain. Read More >>

Coffee Is the Miracle Cure For All Your Desk-Worker's Aches and Pains

That cup of tea you drink in the morning, you might want to swap it for a cup of coffee. Apparently the black and silky bean-based beverage has the ability to stop the pain of the athlete and office worker alike -- pop a coffee 90 minutes before you slump in front of your desk to nuke that office drone's pain. Read More >>

How to Get Rid of Runner's Stitch

If you're like the majority of runners, you've experienced this at one point or another: You're out for a run, and then in creeps a sharp, localised pain, right under one of your ribs. You think, "What is that, and how to I banish it to hell forever?" Read More >>

How Aspirin and Ibuprofen Actually Work Inside Your Body

Poppin' pills is a sorta magical, sorta scientific method in feeling better. When you get hurt? Pop pills. When you can't sleep? Pop pills. When you want to get high? Pop pills. But how do those tiny little capsules actually work? This video explains how aspirin and ibuprofen makes your body feel less pain. Read More >>

Watching Injections Makes Them Hurt More

If you're one of the hard core of hospital-goers who chooses to watch while hypodermics are shoved into your arm, here's some news that might make you reconsider: the act of watching an injection actually makes it more painful. Read More >>

Redheads Feel Pain Differently to the Rest of Us

If you think redheads are inherently different, well, you'd be right; they're better than you. In fact, they have a higher pain threshold than most of us, and can handle spicier food, too. Read More >>

Girl Falls on Her Face While Texting (During Live News Broadcast)

That thing you're worried is going to happen to you ever single time you walk down the sidewalk while texting? It just happened. To someone else! Laugh away. Read More >>

Swearing Makes You F**king Feel Better

It happens all the time. You stub your toe or bash your elbow, scream "Mother SUCKER!" (or something), and instantly feel just a bit better. It's true: your potty mouth saves you aspirin money. Science! Read More >>


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