Spray-Painting Graffiti Drone Not Nearly as Effective as You'd Think

Robots may be taking our jobs throughout agriculture and industry, but the the duty of defacing architecture is likely to remain in the hands of humans for the immediate future if this semi-autonomous spray-paint drone is any evidence. Read More >>

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The Dizzying Work of Hand-Painting Ads Across New York City Skyscrapers

Walk around New York City, and you're bound to see the work of these "wall dogs"—the men and women who paint billboard-size ads by hand, high above the city streets. Their work is exacting, and the places they paint are terrifying. Don't watch this if you're afraid of heights. Read More >>

If American Artist Edward Hopper Used Instagram and Facebook

Edward Hopper, foremost chronicler of lonely American souls, would have found pathos in our modern world of FOMO. This clever series from Ukrainian artist Nastya Ptichek updates Hopper's work for a social media era, and the overlay of electronic icons makes his paintings even more depressing. Read More >>

What Sunsets Painted Centuries Ago Reveal About Global Air Pollution

Dramatic sunsets are undeniably gorgeous, but they portend something ominous: millions of fine particles polluting the air. Researchers are now studying sunsets painted over the past 500 years to find clues to how our air got dirtier after the Industrial Revolution. Read More >>

This Amazing 3D Render Lets You Dive Into a HeroicBattle

You can immerse yourself in its fantastic details of this painting, The Recapture of Buda Castle in 1686, thanks to Ekho, a Hungarian 3D artist, who made a stunning rendering of the painting. Read More >>

This Lexus Paints Your Portrait Based On How You Drive

Car aficionados will readily defend their favourite vehicles as rolling works of art, but art collector Walter Vanhaerent might be the only driver on earth who can definitively make that claim. Because his new Lexus IS 300h hybrid actually paints his portrait every time he hits the road. Read More >>

This 97-Year-Old Makes Amazing Art Exclusively With Microsoft Paint

A great artist can make beauty out of any medium, no matter how limited. 97 year old Hal Lasko embodies this concept. Instead of painting with dozens of expensive brushes or high-end software suites, Lasko uses a tool most of us have used and abandoned years ago, Microsoft Paint from Windows 95. Read More >>

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This is How You Paint a Plane (With Robots)

Have you ever wondered how you paint something as big and smooth as a plane? Boeing uses two robots that spray an entire wing in just 24 minutes, something that would take puny humans 4.5 hours to achieve. Watch them in action. Read More >>

Artist “Nanofactures” Paintings Using a 3D Printer and Molecular Modelling Software

What does art look like in the age of "hacked matter," when anyone can print anything on-demand? That's the question Shane Hope, a California-based visual artist, is trying to answer. In "Nano-Nonobjective-Oriented Ontographs and Qubit-Built Quilts," his new show at Chelsea's Winkleman Gallery, Hope is showing a collection of amazingly intricate paintings, each containing thousands of individual 3D-printed models. Read More >>

34 Hyperrealistic Paintings You'll Genuinely Swear Are Photographs

As you scroll through these 34 exquisite hyperrealistic paintings, something strange will happen. You'll start doubting your eyes, then your brain, then these images. You'll become convinced that at least a few of them are photographs and not acrylic paint. They simply have to be, surely? Read More >>

These Incredible Paintings Were Made By Injecting Paint into Bubble Wrap

The only reason why bubble wrap exists is so that people can pop it. That's a universal fact. So colour me surprised when I found out another thing you can do with bubble wrap: make art. Bradley Hart injected bubble wrap with paint to create these wonderful portraits. Read More >>

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Watch a Man Disappear Before Your Eyes

Chinese artist Liu Bolin does a wonderful job of hiding himself in all kinds of locations, but this video reveals exactly how he does it. Read More >>

Why Screw Around with Paint Brushes When There's a Gun for That?

Sure, you could paint your ceiling with the same tools as Michelangelo uses. But doesn't that seem a little primitive? It may be time to upgrade your painter's tape and angled sash brush to Black & Decker's EasyEdge Powered Paint Edger. Read More >>

Here Are All the Gestures That Beat Every Level of Angry Birds

Does anyone actually play Angry Birds anymore? Whatever. Artist Evan Roth actually had a novel idea with Angry Birds that doesn't include plush pillows and crappy TV shows. He painted all the gestures required to beat 300 levels of Angry Birds. It's beautiful smudging. Read More >>

New Van Gogh Painting Discovered

Still life with roses and field flowers. That's the name of this unsigned painting. After nine years of intensive research, scientists have finally cracked its code using a new technique called Macro Scanning X-ray Fluorescence Spectometry. The author: Vincent Van Gogh. Read More >>

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Incredible 1000-Hour Time-Lapse Painting of the Thundercats Hoooo!

Lions with swords. Yeah, the 80s was a pretty special time. So special that this time-lapse painting of the Thundercats is your nostalgia inducing video for the morning. Read More >>


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