It's Pancake Day! Here's a Bunch of Unbelievably Detailed Animals Drawn Entirely in Pancake Batter

We've probably all made a few pancakes in amusingly shaped blobs, but Nathan Shields takes the humble pancake to a whole new level of art. The illustrator, former maths teacher, and stay-at-home dad makes pancakes with his kids that range from Star Wars tributes to portraits of Isaac Newton to animals painted in stunning species-level detail. Read More >>

What's Your Favourite Pancake Filling?

It's Shrove Tuesday today; if that's totally passed you by, you're not alone. But it's better known, at least in non-religious circles, as Pancake Day. So, in the fine tradition of exploratory food consumption, what's your favourite pancake filler, and why? Read More >>

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What Does 890 Pancakes Flipped Simultaneously Look Like?

Pancake lovers will be delighted to hear Shrove Tuesday is coming up next week, and to celebrate, the University of Sheffield held The Big Flip -- a record breaking attempt at flipping the most pancakes non-stop for 30 seconds. Read More >>

I've Been Waiting All My Life for This Kind of Advancement in Pancake Plate Technology

Pancakes! We love them. Pancakes with syrup! We love them even more. But sometimes, pouring syrup on top of your hot cakes just isn't enough. You want to be able to conveniently dip 'em too. This plate, created by designer Jon Wye, is the perfect plate for pancakes: they have a slope and bank to store the syrup. Read More >>


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