First-Gen Kindle Paperwhite Receiving Second-Gen Software Features

...Including Goodreads, kid-friendly FreeTime, improved cloud organiSAtion, and a handful of other little benefits. Read our review of the first Kindle Paperwhite here. [Amazon] Read More >>

Report: The Next Kindle Paperwhite Will Have Screen and Font Upgrades

A report from TechCrunch based on a prototype viewing indicates that Amazon is making upgrades to the Paperwhite e-reader for release in spring 2014. Screen resolution is set to jump from 212 ppi to 300 ppi and the redesigned unit will supposedly be lighter than the current model. Read More >>

Kindle Paperwhite Review (2013): Faster, Prettier, Still the Best

When Amazon first trotted out the Kindle Paperwhite a year ago, it was the first two-tone eReader in a long time (possibly ever) to have a wow factor. The front-lit screen turned out to be every bit as beautiful as Amazon promised. A year later, the new Amazon Paperwhite is just a tad better than its predecessor. Yes, that means the new Kindle Paperwhite is still the best.

What Is It?
An iterative update of Amazon's top eReader featuring an improved screen, a faster processor, and some new software. The basic Wi-Fi model costs £109 and the 3G version costs £169.


The New Amazon Kindle Paperwhite: Better Screen, Same Kindle (Hands On)

Amazon just officially announced its new Kindle Paperwhite on its site. It's a refresh of last year's model, the first time Amazon has put out an iterative update, with a better screen and some new software. It will be out in the UK 9th October, for £109. Read More >>

Waterstones Kindle Paperwhite Comes With Permanent Ads... For Waterstones

Buyers of the Kindle Paperwhite who purchased their readers through Waterstones aren't very happy, thanks to the book chain adding its own adverts to the device's lock screen -- even though it costs the same amount as the ad-free model sold through Amazon. Read More >>

Kindle Paperwhite Coming to the UK, for £109

The very popular, super-contrasty Kindle Paperwhite is coming to the UK after all, with Amazon UK confirming we'll be getting it, alongside its other new tablets, at the end of October. Read More >>

How the Kindle Paperwhite Got Its Shine

We know first-hand that the new Kindle Paperwhite is a stunning little device, but how did it get so good? The Amazon employees who developed the reader have gotten together to explain. Interestingly enough, they cite the ultimate goal as being able to make a device that sort of "disappears" as you use it. That's going to be tough with a screen that pretty. [Slashgear] Read More >>

Kindle Paperwhite: Amazon's New Amazing eReader

Here's Amazon's new E-Ink Kindle. It's stunning. We'll update with all the details as Amazon provides them. Read More >>


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