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Man Spins 568 Times Head-Over-Heels In the Air and Somehow Doesn't Vomit

Just watching this video makes me feel a bit queasy. Horacio Llorens took back his mid-air 'Infinity Tumbling' world record by flipping head over heals with a parachute 568 times. That's 15 minutes of solid looping. Insane. Read More >>

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This Awesome Photographer Paraglides to Take Extreme Desert Pictures

If you ever wondered how National Geographic manages to take those gorgeous shots of the desert and overhead pictures of animals, the answer: paragliding. Coasting through the nothingness of nature is almost more beautiful than the pictures itself. Photographer George Steinmetz has flown in these motorised paragliders over a dozen times and has seen nearly every extreme desert. What an awesome job. [National Geographic via Neatorama] Read More >>


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