School Offering "Man Days" to Teach Fatherless Kids Basic Male Tasks

Suggesting the lack of a male role model in the lives of kids can act as a "barrier" to their educational and life progress, one Essex school is taking matters into its own hands by offering boys lessons in how to be more of a man. We hope they accept mature students. Read More >>

Swedish Kids Say Their Parents are too Tech-Obsessed

In a recent study, 33 per cent of Swedish parents surveyed (521 total) admitted that their phone and tablet use was a sore point with their kids. The children apparently said that their parents spend too much time on the devices. And experts are weighing in about the developmental damage this could cause. Read More >>

A Father Wrote His Daughter a £130 Contract to Stay Off Facebook

If your kid is spending too much time on Facebook, what should you do? Cut the Internet? Annoying for you. Restrict their access? Not realistic. Ground them? Haha. What about giving them a signed contract that promises them 130 quid if they stay off Facebook for five months? Sounds like a plan! Read More >>

Vacuums Double as Ponytail-Making Machines

Dads of the world, take note: you don't have to leave the hairstyling to mum. Got a vacuum? Great. Got one of those snakey tube attachments? Perfect. Pop a rubber band on that bad boy, suck your daughter's hair up in the tube, and voilà! A perfect ponytail. Cue touchdown dance. Read More >>

Is This the Best or the Most Evil Parenting Trick Ever?

I don't know who had the genius idea—and courage—to stick this post-it on their fridge door but, as evil as it may seem for kids all around the world, it's the best parenting tip I've ever seen for this age of underage internet junkies. Read More >>

Screen Rage is the New Temper-Tantrum

At five years-old, it's no fun getting interrupted while you're focused on something. As a parent, I compensate for that by employing a series of intricately planned measures to guide my son from whatever he happens to be doing towards whatever it is that I want him to do instead. Read More >>

Exmobaby Suit Will Tell You What Your Kid Is Thinking

Who in their right mind would want to interact with babies? They're dumb, they leak, they smell (on account of the leakage), and for all that noise, babies can't even give you a hint as to what set them off. But the new Exmobaby sensor suit just might. Read More >>

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Watch This Dad Shoot His Daughter's Laptop With a .45

So this happened. It's a father reacting to a post his daughter made on Facebook. He wasn't happy. You can skip ahead to 7 minutes for the big reveal. Read More >>

Withings' New Scale Tracks Your Fat Baby's Baby Fat

Withings new baby scale seems like a great idea for tracking babies weight. Plop the kid on the scale, and it wirelessly sends data to a Withings app, graphing it up just as prettily as your delightful little baby. Read More >>

Hourglass Timer Stool Nixes Tantrums In Just 5 Minutes

Though it looks the part, this stool isn't a training potty — but it will take the piss out of your kids. It's actually a giant sand timer designed for time outs, sequestering rowdy ruffians for a calming five minutes. Read More >>

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Parents Just Don't Understand (How to Use Email)

I love my parents. But damn, they send some annoying emails. Urban legends. Chain letters. Petitions. Peculiar font choices. Long rambling messages with no clear meaning or point... GAAAAAH! Read More >>


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