Parrot's New Drones Fly the Mini Skies and Bite Your Ankles

Parrot's AR Drone 2.0 won a place in our hearts for flying high yet being easily controllable from our favourite iOS and Android devices. The company's just taken that concept and then miniaturised it, with the Parrot MiniDrone and the Jumping Sumo. Read More >>

SkyJack Lets You Hunt Down and Hack Other Drones From the Air

It was only a matter of time before someone started hacking drones, and now Samy Kamkar has released all the hardware and software required to build a drone that can hunt and hack others as it flies—creating an army of zombies along the way. Read More >>

The Best Bluetooth Headphones Money Can Buy

Wires suck. Fact -- they get lost, broken, or filched by unscrupulous flatmates. Better to do away with them altogether, which is why we've corralled together a collection of the best Bluetooth headphones money can buy, to see if any of them have the chops to replace good old-fashioned copper. The results, after a couple months of testing, are surprisingly positive. Read More >>

Dock Your AR Drone With the ISS and Teach a Real-Life Spacecraft Some New Tricks

In an effort to improve autopilot systems aboard spacecraft, the European Space Agency has released a free iOS app that works with Parrot's AR Drone and lets amateur pilots practice a simulated docking with the International Space Station. Read More >>

home mod
Growing Plants Just Got A Lot Smarter with Parrot's Flower Power

Parrot, a company more famous for making the AR Drone, is attempting to smarten up your garden with the Flower Power. It's a Bluetooth sensor that looks like a cute little tree branch that you place inside your flower pot to measure sunlight, humidity, temperature and fertiliser. Basically, you'll know exactly what each of your plants need in real time. Read More >>

Now Skynet's Trying to Get You Drunk

If you needed any more proof that drones are slowly but surely infiltrating the world around us, look no further than the vineyards of the world, where our little robotic friends are revolutionising the world of precision viticulture. Read More >>

How to Turn a Drone Into a Vicious Flying Taser of Doom

See those silver stripes around the circumference of this Parrot AR drone? They're not there for decoration or style. They're actually strips of aluminum tape that's wired into a capacitor from a disposable camera's flash. Which means that when—not if—this drone bumps into someone, they're going to get a particularly unpleasant shock as you can see what happened to its creator's arm. Read More >>

lightning review
Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 Lightning Review: A Private Spy Drone For Filming Your Neighbours With

Drones are awesome; there's no two ways about it. However, the military drones we hear about on the news are just a tad out our price range... While the Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 is hardly "cheap," at least you can actually buy one -- for £279, that is. Do you want your own personal spy drone? Silly question -- of course you do! But is the Drone 2.0 the one for you? Read More >>

lightning review
Parrot Zik Lightning Review: More Than the Sum of Their Parts, But Seriously Pricey

Bluetooth headphones are really coming of age. No longer do they sound crap with rubbish range and clunky design. Parrot's brand new Ziks, a partnership with legendary French designer Philippe Starck, bundles more technology than you can shake a stick at into what it reckons are the best Bluetooth cans on the market. But are they really worth 350 smackers? Read More >>

Parrot's New Headphones Are Mighty Purty

I bet you're looking at these ZIK Parrot by Starck cans and thinking how hot they are. Hey! Eyes up here, buddy. Don't be shallow. They're packed tight with some very cool tech, but yes, they are begging to be stroked. Read More >>

Ar.Drone 2.0: The Best Flying Toy Just Got Better

Almost exactly two years ago to the day, we got our first look at Parrot's AR.Drone quadricopter—the coolest flying toy we'd ever seen. Well we just got our first look at the AR.Drone 2.0, and it's gotten even cooler. Read More >>


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