monster machines
Fermilab's New Neutrino Cannon Shoots Subterranean Subatomics

Given how rarely neutrinos interact with other elementary particles, they're notoriously difficult to study and consequently, our understanding of these electrically neutral subatomic entities remains rather sketchy. However, the Department of Energy's famed Fermilab in Batavia, IL aims to unlock these particles' secrets by blasting them through hundreds of kilometres of the Earth's crusts. Read More >>

Particle Accelerators 101: If Only Every School Lesson Was Animated

Are you still scratching your head over what a particle accelerator like the Large Hadron Collider actually does? Don't feel bad, the LHC is the most complicated piece of scientific equipment mankind has ever built. And unless you're a physicist, you'll probably never understand its intricacies. But if you're curious, take a few minutes to watch this animated Particle Accelerator 101 by Don Lincoln. You won't be applying for a job at CERN afterwards, but you should at least get the gist of what's going on at the LHC. [YouTube via Geekosystem] Read More >>

monster machines
The Ion Cannon Behind the Next Solar Revolution

How do you fabricate solar panels at half the cost and 1/10th the thickness of conventional panels? With a custom-built particle accelerator ten times more powerful than conventional accelerators of course. Read More >>


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