Now There's Something You Might Finally Use Passbook For in the UK

Pushing the digital ticket to its logical Apple-themed extension, BA's finally added Passbook support to its iPhone app, meaning there might be something other than Starbucks to use with Passbook in the UK. Read More >>

Samsung Wallet is Apple's Passbook, on Android

Samsung has just announced its new Wallet mobile payment app at the Mobile World Congress and... and it looks a hell of a lot like Apple's Passbook. Read More >>

Google Now's Auto-Airline Boarding Passes Are Go

Google Now, arguably the best thing about owning an Android phone right now, has just gotten a boost in the war with Apple's Passbook. It'll now search your email for flight confirmations and grab your boarding passes, plus fire flight notifications at you. Currently it only supports certain airlines, but it's expanding rapidly. Awesome. [Google via Android Community] Read More >>

Google Now Update Basically Makes It Passbook (and So Much More)

Google Now is awesome, and the best bit is that it's getting even smarter, fast. Google's just rolled out a Now update that basically makes it Passbook for Android. It'll automatically pull boarding passes and tickets straight from your Gmail and slap the QR codes right up front for scanning at the gate. Read More >>

Virgin Atlantic's Become the First UK Airline to Get in Bed With Apple

Virgin's become the first UK airline to add Passbook integration to online check-in, allowing you to send your boarding card straight to your iOS device, rather than doing that old-fashioned thing of printing out a boarding pass. All hail the onwards march of progress -- even if it does have an god-awful QR code for a face. Read More >>

These Are the 10 Airlines Now Compatible With Apple's Passbook

As one of the billboard features of Apple iOS 6, Passbook has proven way more useful than we initially anticipated, but what's really going to make this a killer feature in the future is having all of the world's airlines on board. A few months after launch, Passbook is making some progress towards that ticketing utopia. Read More >>

BA Planning iOS 6 Passbook Ticketing Options

Apple fans running iOS 6 might soon be able to cruise through check-in in a very futuristic fashion indeed, thanks to British Airways planning to offer support for Apple's Passbook electric ticketing system. Read More >>

Turn Your Passbook Into a Time Machine with These Historical Tickets

If you've got an iPhone, and your Passbook app has been sitting lonely and unused, there's a short-term solution to the problem; fill it out with some gag tickets. Read More >>

Odeon Cinemas Now Using Apple's Passbook App for Discount Ticket Sales

Apple's Passbook feature has found itself a couple of big new corporate fans in the UK, with the Odeon cinema chain and Harvester restaurant franchise adopting the mobile ticketing app. Read More >>

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Want Apple's Passbook on Your Android? Grab PassWallet While You Can

Love it or loathe it, now that Apple's launched a non-NFC-packing digital wallet for the iPhone, companies everywhere will jump to support it. Thankfully, if you're an Android user, you too can get in on the screen-based ticketing fun with a cheeky little app called PassWallet. Read More >>

iOS 6 Will Arrive on September 19 With Better Siri, New Maps, Revamped iMessage and Passbook

We've seen and heard about many of the new features coming to iOS 6 already, but with the announcement of the iPhone 5, we now know exactly when it's coming: September 19. Read More >>

Apple's Latest Passbook Patent Is for Shopping

Apple has landed some more intellectual property for Passbook, its mobile wallet solution for iOS 6. This time it's a patent directly related to shopping. Read More >>

Apple's New NFC Travel Patent Looks a Whole Lot Like Passbook

We've already seen Passbook, Apple's new mobile wallet solution that pulls all of your loyalty cards and tickets into one spot. It will debut in iOS 6, and now the company has earned a new patent for NFC travel check-ins, which is essentially the travel portion of what we know exists. Read More >>

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This Is What iOS 6's Passbook Will Look Like in Action

The next great iPhone software is still in beta right now, but we're already excited about digitising some of the crap in our wallets via Passbook — and for frequent travelers, it'll be a godsend. Check out the future: Read More >>

How to Start Using Passbook on iOS 6

You do, of course, need iOS 6, which is currently only available as a developer release. But, once you have that, the rest is straigtforward. As 9to5mac explains: Read More >>

Passbook Is the Beginning of Mobile Payments On iOS

Passbook is a new mobile wallet from Apple that will debut in iOS. Right now it's not about payments, it's about ticket aggregation, but it's a sign of things to come. Currently, it allows you to combine your tickets and loyalty cards into one convenient place. It's intuitive, and pretty spectacular. Read More >>


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